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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A real life engaged couple...Marnius and Mrs Herring Winterwolf Separated by distance in real life..together here. ******************************************************

Thinking these last couple days about growth...not the growth we had as children...{the pencil marks on the inside of the closet door}...the growth spelled in so many ways as and adult.

My growth here in Secondlife started a couple weeks after I came...I came to Secondlife as a total noob where computers were concerned. Lala got frustrated with me when I couldn't figure how to create a simple note card. Copy and paste sounded like something out of first grade. And then I met Twinkle...I've heard about her before. A year plus after Twin came Poly...I have gotten better, some. I still get frustrated easily...but I'm starting to believe some of the things that I'm told now about I'm not totally incompetent.

You see I think we all judge ourselves by how our peers do things....Twinkle and Poly both started learning about computers as children...certainly not in their mid sixties =^..^=

My social growth here is as slow a process as my tech growth. I was reminded of all that again yesterday by my new friend Fran. Fran is from Ecuador but unless you were to ask her you'ed likely not figure that out quickly... Frans english is perfect. She's bright and quick...{I think}. You ask her...she doesn't think so. She, like me, judges her competancy here by the rest of us.

I have some idea of how many people I've worked with as nooblets...{best guesstimate is well over 1000}...I know quick! lol. Fran's quick.

Frans also quick to find that Secondlife can be a lonely place as well...Today I was able to ask Lita, my Peruvian friend, to stop by and chat with Fran. {my can't believe how fast those two can type in Spanish ROFL!

There's other growth as well...

My dear friend Kattie is back...the emotional growth I see in her is astonishing. I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to watch my secondlife daughter Lala grow from an 18 year old to the young college woman she is now. And sadly I've seen the lack of growth....actually a reversion to childlike emotional actions of some. I've seen people completely make a mockery of their professed religious background....People make a mockery of their marrige vows...People become thieves...Some become emotional abusers of others. That's not growth.

Does it matter that this is a virtual world? I don't think so...ethics and moral decisions just *are*. Quick description of ethics? It's what ya do when nobodies lookin' and nobodies gonna know! I want to grow as a person....Tech growth is nice....but I want to be a good decent person. I first heard the statement you can read in my first life profile nearly 40 years ago. "There's some folks that love you...And there's some folks that don't love you so much. But everyone that meets you has an opinion". I always add...*And you always know where you stand*. And so it goes I love you all, brinda Namaste

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