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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Benares circa 1922

Amber and Couchmans Place


The residents place posted is a good place to start. Amber particulary is home a lot...Seeing her on my Mystitool hud gives me a sense of satisfaction...If she wasn't having a good time..she wouldn't be there.

I awoke this morning to my cats purring...Cinnamon was laying, head on paws...eyes closed...about six inches away. Anthropormorphism...{wonder what her perception is of me}.

Perceptions....Our profiles here in Secondlife often say so much more about us than we realize. Even a blank one is telling...Darn it, I wish there were as obvious profiles in real life. Today the thoughts are just racing through my head. In advance, I want to tell you that one of my tales today may shock some of's something that so many might find uncomfortable...and yet it's a lifestyle that many here in Secondlife do as fantasy.

Amy...{not her given name} in real life what we in Secondlife call an *escort*. {Btw...keep in mind... Amy's not a victim...this job is a choice...a job she likes.}

We can be so long as we don't call a prostitute by long as we say *escort* we're OK. Now if you look at "Amys" videos posted on line, your perception is one thing. If you meet Amy in the supermarket...or on her way to pick her children up from school...your perception is another. Amy doesn't, *work the street* don't pay the bills out there... She's married...and like so many families...Amys husband lost his job. So for the last few months..guess who's paying the bills? My perception?... I love her!..She's so refreshingly honest...we share so much in our attitudes...She shares a lot of intimate details about her daily grind...{do keep in mind I wasn't always 67}. Yes, I do worry about her...and while I've never met her hubby...I can't help but wonder how heavy is his load...his perception. As *normal* as I'm not =^..^=...I'm the only one Amy talks to about the daily grind outside of those that are in the business...Hubby doesn't/can't hear...obviously her parents are out of the question. I'm happy I can be there for her.

Perceptions....Colonel Dorchester....Guys profile says 9/25/2009...Blank profile... Now while that's a new avatar...we never know if it's a new person.....My perception?....hmmm.....Well, I'm not sure. Let me paraphrase the note I sent that account..{deleted original}...

"Colonel...Why would you think It's OK to do a rude thing like leave a purple scripted penis on my land? Do you percieve I've done something to you? Or is this a case of juvenile enthusiasm run wild? I have also found and returned your *UPS truck*...prim litter. I hope your Secondlife goes well...and your social skills improve."

Those that know my old history can guess that my real life response might be so much different. {actually on a bad day might be different as well :=) }

Perceptions...Child avies....Creepy. At least for the most part. One of my closest friends *bought* into a situation where a *child* sucked some money out of both her and a friend. My response to seeing one now is to right out front explain that while I'm happy they're having a good time in Secondlife...I'm uncomfortable in chatting with them...and goodbye.

We do have a *tiny* here...I've mentioned Bubbles before. Such a dear...She comes everyday to look at everyones tier box...A job she takes seriously. And how uncomfortable could one get reading her profile.... "i can be whatever i wanto be can i be whatever i wanto be whatever can i be".

Reading profiles yesterday of some that have left. Just as in real life we each must find our own path...when I see the path that some have chosen...It hurts my heart. Our choices have so little basis on anything tangible...but that too is just my perception.

Lastly....I spent a portion of yesterday morning looking at a traintrip run by the Indian goverment...a week traveling in the footsteps of Guatama Buddha. Trip starts and ends in Delhi...travels through Uttar Predesh and visits many of the important places visited by Buddha including Varanisi {old name Benares} well as a site in Nepal. Nothing immediate....I will need to research the best time of year to go weatherwise for one thing.

And so it goes

All who come into my life give me purpose...thank you

Love Always, brinda


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