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Monday, October 12, 2009

Less Weight...more Fun

Halloween...dark history....but a lot of fun today. Here in Secondlife it seems as though most days can be Halloween =^..^=. A special thank you to Ling and Lala for coming to decorate the Haunted house... To Poly for the house and much of the contents. {If you look closely at the picts you can see who wasn't doing any work....hmm..see any really tall avies? didn't think you would..I was sitting on a haybale spacing! A party is afoot....This will be our second year doing this....and I feel this is more important this year than it was our first year. A little history...We created Benares January 21st 2008...Lala and I set the first palm tree that morning...{that's that silver palm tree just SW of my house}. We were so small a group then...originally just 4....then our Aussie, DaAngel, came...not long after Krasin. By October we still numbered less than 12 or so, but it wasn't unusual to end up with an impromtu meeting of 9 or 10 just chatting on the beach. Everyone knew everyone....A year later we cover three times the area and at that size it's too easy to miss seeing people. {Witness my last post.... re: screwing up and never getting to meet Jace and Lotus}. My hope is that having a group function will help each of us to connect a little closer to this *family*. Final details will follow both here and via group notices....Date is set.. Friday October 30th...Location is a skybox 500 meters over the public area....tentative time (so far) is start 'bout 7pm SLT...end...whenever your PC eats it's graphics card :-) OK....A word from our sponsor haha...There is a reward for a picture of me dancing...that reward will not be collected October 30th! Yes..I will be there...Poly has created a spot for me....{besides the oven she crammed me in yesterday..LMAO} Just try to pretend I'm furniture and no one will get hurt =^..^=. In a half serious final note...I have it on good authority that there might be one other residential estate that's doing what we are doing....a community. It's way easier to split board flat sims with little canals... parcel it off and make a profit renting cheap land/extra prims. That's not what we are about...and I won't do it. I've had great response from many of like that always makes me feel that Benares is in some ways a lifeboat here in Secondlife...a place of perceived sanity...a place where we all can feel we belong.. Thank you. And so it goes My love to all,brinda Namaste

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