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Monday, October 19, 2009


Our Dutch girl, Zarzs place * * * * * * * * I've been thinking about loyalty for quite awhile now...and just last eve I heard a few things that pretty well decided that loyalty would be todays subject. It seems common today to let our financial situation determine much of our loyalty. In the ongoing story of my life, both real life and Secondlife, I have been blessed with fantastic fortune. I retired from a position in the construction industry just prior to the financial debacle the USA finds it's self in. My former employer was one of those rare people that genuinely cared about his employees. So many times we see places where there is an expectation of loyalty up...seldom reciprocated by loyalty down. I see much of that here in Secondlife as well....People will abandon a place in a heartbeat for a few less linden dollars or a few more prims. OK...sometimes in todays financial situation some of us have to really cut costs where ever possible. It's another thing however to take help, money, and support...and then bail. A close friend of mine gave a few L$....and more importantly...they gave their talent and time to help some one else. My friend is such a standup close as we are...I have only heard one passing comment. She did what she did to help in a spirit of love and service...and even after watching the person she helped bail out on us....she continues to help people when and where ever she can. That is loyalty to an ideal. Not long ago I had resident lose a real life job...that person came to me and told me that in a couple months they would likely need to move away from Benares. I have watched this resident over this past year...there's little doubt that someday they will return...some of those that read this are almost fanatical in their loyalty to what we have created here. Witness Allie, she's had her real life totally disrupted for a few months...and I heard her say a couple days ago the she will never leave Benares. She has to access Secondlife today from a library WiFi. I believe her. Yesterday I mentioned Twinkle and her loyalty to both myself and this dream we have here. I have Ling, Poly, and Bubbles...They work here, and there's no way I can pay them what they're worth. What price could I possibly place on their passion and loyalty? There are others...I won't attempt to list them all...First, I know I would miss someone...Second, I believe there are those that are quietly loyal... Some to the point of fanaticism. I intend to treat all I meet in the spirit that so many in all worlds do...with love and compassion. And yes...with loyalty. And so it goes With love and compassion, brinda Namaste

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