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Friday, October 16, 2009


Boyds Fun House...The Elephants visiting Somewhere else just now =^..^= People.... My gosh, I would never have believed two and half years ago that my involvement here in Secondlife would have lasted...or had the depth of experience it has attained. Some of my closer friends here understand that I'm just not that social a person...{Why the heck and I so involved in a social world?!}. {Simple short answer....Donno.} I do believe that this platform and you people have changed ways I would never have dreamed. People..the subject of this post....people from everywhere....some are like my next door neighbors....and yet these people may live twelve time zones away in cultures I've only read about. Some seem to have the gift..{and I believe it is a gift} make most everyone they meet feel as though they are family. I still try to place a flag on the telehub from each country we represent at Benares...won't try to repeat all for fear I would leave someone out...But our community covers much of the world. Our residents are young, old, relatively wealthy {often just based on where they live}, college students, retirees, professionals, artists, people involved in world social causes, regular working people. We have married couples...We have at least one future couple...single people...and for a year we have had no strife here. Would I like to take credit there?....Absolutely...Can I? Nope. I don't know...maybe it's just luck...maybe it's the name... There isn't much that suprises me at this point in my life....If I haven't done it { that covers a lot of ground!}...I have close friends that have. While not suprised...I do get disappointed when I see some things. I once worked at a company where the owners father still came everyday to 'work'. I was in my late twenties...the owner was in his sixties...grandfather was in his early nineties. Alandale....maybe the first truly totally honest person I've ever met. He had never so much as taken a dubious deduction on his taxes...even if he wouldn't be caught. His philosophy?...If you think've done it. I don't know about that one :-)... I have seen people try to *cut corners*. The guy that pretends to be SO involved with someone yet has to hide his location in-world while he's having pixel sex with a another woman that is supposedly happily married in real life. I have seen people try and let their tier box go a few days in arrears in order to get and extra dollar thirty cents US. Others take advantage of someones real life emotional situation in order to control them. I can't do those things today...I have been there and done all of those things real life and a heck of a lot more...What price do I put on myself? Today I feel that the dream I had in January 2008?....It's alive here at this pixel place in time and space. While I never want this to end....I do understand that all is impermanent...this to shall change. And so it goes I thank all of those in Secondlife that have allowed this dream to flourish I love you all, brinda Namaste

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