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Monday, October 26, 2009

Accepting the good...And allowing space

Allies...The door seems to always be open. She's just that kinda person =^..^= *********************************************************************** I'm not sure of a title for this post...I do have an idea where I'm headed...{that's sometimes new!}...But let me see what comes up. There are about six residents around that remember the trials Benares went through near the end of our first year. I feel the responsibility for the situation our community found it's self in rightfully belongs with me....I turned a blind eye to resident actions that weren't good for us as a community. I didn't see the complete end of all that 'till was a long year :-). The ensuing mess, while a financial issue for a bit, has allowed this place to become what we have now. A place that's home for me....and people that I'm proud to say are my family. Prefacing my good news... My Grandmother was born in 1893 {told you I was old}...She had a fourth grade education...of course today in the USA...and California...that's about the same intellectual grade level kids graduate high school at. I heard a peer of hers say something many years ago that has stuck with me. 'Intelligence demands intelligence, respect demands respect, and some folks you just have leave 'em where you find 'em 'cause you can't carry everyone with you.' In any life it's often difficult to just allow people to grow at their own rate. We always have our own agendas...certainly here in Secondlife. The very thing that allows me to learn more sociality ...the anonymity...allows some to attempt to foster an agenda on others that in real life they perhaps wouldn't try. I'm still a learning growing creature...I realize that for a multitude of reasons...I'm learning things in my sixties that some people learn much earlier. I also see that there are those that are likely to not live long enough to learn many of life's lessons. One of my residents has made a decision to return to her former parcel after an absence from Secondlife...She too is a learning growing creature. If you were to ask her...she would likely tell you that this last year has seen a quantum leap in her emotional growth. This resident made a mistake...{btw...that's how every sentient being learns}. In an attempt to try and love everyone, others were allowed to try and push their selfish agendas onto this resident. What this person needed in order to solve some of her personal dilemmas was for her true friends to just give quiet advice if asked. To support her decisions even if those decisions were seen as *wrong* love her...and most important of not push any agenda. I encourage everyone I meet in Secondlife to find a find something that keeps you here. Notice I said *something*...not *someone*. A few of you know how devastated I was for awhile when my friend Twinkle just couldn't do Secondlife anymore. She had made me a promise to help here...she met that promise. I got over the fact that I don't get to spend hours every week with likely the person that has taught me so much about the very basics of computers. That decision on my part was an acceptance that Twinkle has a given right to live her life in any fashion she chooses. Today Twin and I might see each other a couple hours a month...we will always be close as far as I can see...but the *drug* has worn off...we are just good friends enjoying the successes in each others life. And for me....That's a success story every bit as wonderful as seeing my other friend able to resolve the problems that separated our community from her. May we all allow each other room to grow. And so it goes My love to all, brinda Namaste

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