"Listen with an open mind, but don't try to remember this stuff. There's no quiz at the end." Jack Kornfield

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Krasins place at Benares..oldest continual resident Katties Walkway..SE of Morris wing of Ahern Welcome area That word relationship can mean so many things to different people.... I'de like to stir around in that mental pot for a few... . There's the pixel sex relationship....The good friends....The business....The employer/employee....The mentor....The equal....The Landlord....The Dominant/Submissive or Gor/slavery stuff. As a personal issue, in Secondlife I've found the sex and the Dom/Sub/Gor areas don't hold any interest for me... I do, however, end up wearing many of the other hats. Recently I found myself mixing some of the roles in a manner that wasn't appropriate. I've had real life experiences where I became close/good friends with an employer....{you've heard the old, "Familiarity breeds contemp"?} tends to work that way. It's necessary for me to just buck up and accept my own decisions...not whine to my friends about the choices I've made. A few months ago I watched a friend of mine attempt to placate all sides of a dispute. All in all...a worthy goal...Her motives were pure. The problems began when the original relationship with some of the parties changed. One of the potential difficulties in understanding others here is that we are unable to see subtle body language changes...Our total anonymity is both a boon as well as a bain. My friend was placed in an uncomfortable situation an attempt to mantain her personal integrity she was forced to reject that situation. People got angry...hurt...and reacted badly. My friend just thought the best course of action was to leave Secondlife. THAT SUCKS! If I am your friend...I am your friend. If that relationship changes...we may not end up friends...but you can bet...I'm not leaving! As a landlord I sometimes end up taking off my *friend* hat long enough to put on another. I have a responsibility to all here to not let my friendship with one override the good of all. Equals has become the easiest hat to wear...In my case it's never far from mind that we all come to Secondlife the same. Business is another story :=)....I'm blessed by having a couple people here that continualy remind me that the *welfare* line isn't here at Benares...{ I try to listen to my mentors} I will continue to grow I hope. What's that Kermitt the frog says?, "It ain't easy bein' green". There are so many mistakes we all can make....I hope everyone of you will be a friend close enough to tell me when I step on toes. I'm reminded of a sign I have on a Tori gate....A sign I read that I saw as hopeful. It says that, "Each of us has left a piece of ourselves on this Island". {It was misspelled for months!}....When I did notice it...a friend told me she had also seen it...but didn't want to embarrass me. Today I know that friend will tell me when I do stuff like that. Those are my friends. OK Stuff... I can remember where I met many of the friends I have here.... Wonder if Kattie ever remembered this place? It's the walkway off of the Morris wing of the Ahern welcome area =^..^= Another photo for this Post....Krasins place Krasin is my oldest continual resident May we all learn something each day And so it goes You are all so loved, brinda



  1. Yes Brinda I remember the walkway. I remember being confused and lost. It's hard to forget the spot where you meet the one person who has always been there, who gave me my start. To me it seems you wear all your hats perfectly. You have always been there when I needed advice and you always seemed to know just how much to give and the right words to say. Knowing that I still do and always will have you in my life makes my heart smile. I often look back to my days there on Benears as some of my best and I still remember sitting outside my horse pasture and thinking how much I love you because you let me have something (on a beach of all places) that made me so happy. If I learned anything in SL its that it is impossible to make everyone happy.. as someone once told me.. some of them you just have to leave where you found them. Leaving SL was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I haven't gone for good.. I will be back and when I do I know I have a place to go where I am so loved. Thank you to you and all my friends at Benears for sticking by me and loving me for who I am. :)

  2. Just found this...{week and a half late}...(story of my life).

    The tears make it a lil hard to see the keyboard...but they're tears of joy.

    It's seldom I believe that one is given the chance to make a positive impact in anothers life. Kattie I thank you for allowing me that chance.
    {And I'm so glad I din't blow it! =^..^=}