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Friday, October 23, 2009

Lalas... My lovely Secondlife daughters place ************************************************************ Not a lot to say this eve.....however that may change in an hour or so. Fridays are the Memory Bazaar discussion group meetings. I've missed the last couple and I love to listen to the I so often don't understand :-).

Above is Lalas...Lala is/was my first friend here in Secondlife and a treasure in my life. This is my favorite of her houses.

Just posted a comment on Dusan Writers blog concerning those who decide to leave Secondlife...I don't mean the countless numbers that just look around and for whatever reason never log back in. I mean the ones that establish a creative presence here and consciously decide to delete their account.

My house is a creation of Effulgent Brown...{Look for my post at Dusan writers metaverse for destruction, deleting avatar accounts} I hate to see creators leave Secondlife. Certainly those early members...the ones that helped make Secondlife what it is today. I don't ever envision not using Effies house. {A measure of dumb...I can't find the picture I took of Effie when she came to visit weeks after she left}.

Current residents know that I spent the last couple days adding some off sim mountains, waterfalls, and islets. While we like to look out across the open sea...a little variety well as the off sim option increases the visual size of our place.

I've had great input from the residents with this improvment. Adding things to Benares to improve the beauty is a passion for me...I continually wonder where the end will be....

OK time's 6 pm and then off to see if there's a meeting.

Back from an interesting meeting.....A lot of chatter about alternative viewers, Homestead sim pricing, content theft, and one VERY large landholder....{monthly tier exceeding $12000US a month est} that has defaulted.

There are those that rant about, *chicken little the sky is falling* as to the Emerald viewer.... most of that rant is just foolish. There is one concern...and the Emerald devs are working on of my coding friends has told me that some of the script kiddys have found a way to potencialy crash Linden servers. It's being worked on and I see all will be well.

Homestead pricing...We will be ok...Just another reason to limit our size. As I've said before sizewise we can't comfortably get larger...just too dificult to maintain our tight community.

Often I meet people in Secondlife...or real life for that matter...that are so closed minded...I met one this eve...How soon some forget how confusing Secondlife can be at first. This eve while at the meeting, I looked at the Help Islands concurrency....I saw just over 130 new accounts...and one mentor. That's a common close minded friend insisted that my presence as an alt out there was illegal. He refused to believe that Lindens were can't have a reasonable discussion with a closed mind. Those are the people you just have to leave where you find them.

That's about all for today...A reminder that we are seven days from the Halloween party =^..^=

I believe that of the tremendous number of people in Secondlife....We have found as great a group as can be found...Thank you all...

And so it goes.

I love you all, brinda


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