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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are There Finite Limits to Growth

Caros East Dream =^..^= I awoke early this morning thinking about limits....Limits to our growth....both here in Secondlife and of course to much of the same limits in real life. How far are we willing to go? I've written before on what the Secondlife platform has allowed me to become. I sit and try to see down my virtual road... To see if I like where I'm going because this *me* is inextricably tied to the real life me. I do like much of what I can see....Yes, there is fear. Fear of not being good enough, smart enough, talented enough...and perhaps most important...honest enough. Wow!...honest enough. In the past few months I've become more involved in the forum/blog scene...watching, listening, trying to learn as much as I can about the limits others seem to set for themselves. Limits... There's the case for avatar *death*....{see May 12th...'Second Thoughts' Rheta Shan}... When one starts mixing/confusing SL "love" affairs with the love affair of their real life...opting for a *tragic* end often fits their emotional needs. Some avatars just decide that the pressure of running two lives is a bit much. {see Oct 14th... 'What is this crap' Thoughts}. Others don't *die*... They just never log back in... And I often sit and wonder why. Was this platform too difficult?...Was there not enough time in their life?...Boring? I'm sure there are nearly as many valid reasons as there are people. My first "love" affair left one day when we were both so very her case I did understand. Her real life partner felt threatened by the relationship she saw happening..{mixing SL/RL loves}. We have a resident here at Benares that came during the earliest days of Secondlife...He left for several years..yet returned as a new account this past year. Another started in January...was so timid...and I suspect so busy real life...that she didn't return 'till about thirty days ago. This time both of these people are actively involved here. Recently I went through the group members list...purging names that hadn't logged in since 2008. Today I'm sorry I did that...first, Why? Who am I to decide that someone is *done*...To set a limit on how and why?...I thought of how I would feel if I logged in a year or two later and saw that I was still a member of Benares. I want this to always be "home". In the future I will no longer purge membership roles for inactivity. I guess the answer to the title of this post is, "Maybe". Often self imposed limits.... But still limits. So often I have counseled new people that in order to stay here we must find a goal...a purpose. I ask everyone I meet that's older than 2007..."Why are you here?" So far I've never had the answer, "The pixel sex is fantastic!". I think by now, those who honor me by reading this understand why I'm here...{it ain't for the pixel sex LMAO!} Last thoughts.... Limits... As far as I can see..there is a physical limit to Benares. Three sims is enough...I feel that to maintain our dream here we can't get any bigger.... We chance losing that thing that makes us special in I still send a notecard every so often to Riggly Paine...I miss her. And so it goes You are all so loved, brinda Namaste

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