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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Arrogance...or I'm SO important!

Sabre and Jaris Place West Sim A beautiful place that has absolutely nothing to do with todays post....=^..^= Arrogance...Certainly one of my many perceived *sins* in years gone by. Today I'de like to think I'm past most of that. Quick story real life....I'm impressed by higher education...If nothing else, I'm impressed with the dedication it requires to go to school for that long! A former friend of mine has a Doctorate in education, a Masters degree in speech pathology, and works with developementaly disabled children....A very smart woman. I asked her one day if I was an elitest...{for what ever reason that day I was feeling particulary superior =^..^=}. My friend patted me gently on the shoulder and explained so patiently..."No my dear, and you may not be exceptionaly bright. The world is full of really dumb son's a bitches". (I could have gone a long time without hearing that..ROFL..but it was exactly what I needed.) As many of you know, I spend some time every week on the Help Islands. We all remember how confusing this new world was upon our arrival. And most of the time we just learned as best we could. I don't have the numbers now..but in 2007 there were indications that nearly 15% of new accounts never left the old Orientation Islands....people found the platform just too confusing. Past studies have shown that our first hour in world has a tremendous impact on whether we stay in Secondlife...And nothing seems to work better at improving that first hour than One on One personalized help....someone to show you how to get that box off your head :-). That One on One help used to come from Linden Labs Secondlife Mentors... At one time there were around 7000 mentors...the Lab has allowed the mentors to downsize to around 1600 today...1600 is a sizeable number....but. I have a HUD that allows me to see the population on all the Help Islands real well as any mentors there. At any one time there may be 100 plus avatars on the HIs....and sometimes I can see a mentor. One! There are obvious reasons...First..Having that Secondlife Mentor tag is IMPRESSIVE! =^..^=. Second...If you've ever worked with people less than one day old...often it can be frustrating. Some are just flat rude, some like myself, are technically challenged. Hey...If a mentor is out there looking for ain't comin'... I have a list of perhaps 20 mentors I see regularly...they don't show up for *atta boy/atta girl* they show up to help. These are the ones that understand....heck, I have one that is willing to move my alt to another island if I need. These are the mentors happy to see there are people to share the load. Arrogance... And then there was "Xxxxxxx" :-) And this is where this post title comes from. Me: IM..Hi "Xxxxxx"- Her: Are you and alt?- Me: yup, how are you, I've not met you before. my main is brinda Allen May 2007- Her: You're not allowed to stay here. -Me: Lexie knows I'm here {Lexie Linden}-Her: We all have mentors training...follow the Tao and TOS- Me: Here..{I send her my list of 20 mentors} IM any of these you recognize. There's nothing written about what you're saying. This went on a couple more minutes till I suggested that I wasn't leaving and that her attitude wasn't helpful to anyone and walked away. Today...I enjoy watching some of the people here at Benares create, build, learn, grow, become someone different. Yes..often you don't do it *my way*...that's's not my's yours. Today...I understand that you know as much as I about how to live....we all learn in our own way. I mentioned *sin* at the top of this post..If there is a *sin* it's to interfere with the growth of another human being. A quote from Richard Bach: "The mark of my ignorance is the depth of my belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly." Please have faith in me..I do in you And so it goes Love always, brinda Namaste

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  1. You hit it on the nail Brinda! Yes, how annoying are people who display mentor tags as a status symbol, not as a sign for those who need help.

    I really like your blog, thanks for keeping it going, and the pics!