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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sad to see...And not Sad

Looks as tho I've lost someone I admired today. I attempted to comment in a reasonable honest manner on a blog. Well... What's that old saw? My blog My rules? I refuse to sit quietly and at least not ask questions when I see unreasonable behavior. Life goes on. A good note. Bridgett IMed me today....I had asked her to try and stay in touch even tho shes not spent much time in SL over the last year or so. She and her hubby are expecting a child....their first! How wonderful :-) She talked about not ever coming back now that her life will be so full. I think ive talked her into at least logging in once a month or so even tho theyre moving to where dial up is all they'll have. At least keep the acount active, 'cause you never kno. Bridgett was such a joy to watch grow up a bit...such a loving person. She was every sim owners dream....kind, loving, a part of, and yes, paid her tier on time! We never kno from day to day where we will I can't see ever wanting to leave Secondlife. Recently I've been blessed by having an influx of residents. As time goes on I'm going to mention some here. Theres one that all seem to love....Boyd. Anytime I see a group gathered, I often see Boyd there somewhere involved. Besides...who doesn't love a clown! OK nuff for today..... with love,brinda Namaste More that make a difference: Mucaro India

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