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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nice People

Had a brief chat last eve with what may well be one of the nicest young ppl in Secondlife, Cricky Coberts. I met Cricky a few months ago at a welcome area, and got a nice compliment from him 'bout 90 seconds into our chat when he told me that it was nice to meet someone that didn't immediately go to sex talk/offers etc. {He didn't kno how old I was lol}. Our talk yesterday involved him abandoning some land at Benares. The parcel was overdue 3 days at that time...and the first thing the kid did was to pay me the overtime tier. {Where does THAT ever happen?} Then he explained that he just had to leave for awhile....the place had a few difficult memories for him. I kno bout stuff like that...PN and others griefing Lythria a couple years ago regularly, drove me to an estate...and to this day it's with sadness that I go back to that sim. Crickys case was that he tryed to help ppl....{your a few L$ short on tier? sure, I can help. ETC.} and of course... Ppl my age see where this goes....those ppl he helped promptly forgot his name. His concern? That I personally , #1 understood why he was leaving ..#2 that I not lose even a minutes tier because of his judgement..#3 That I wasn't gonna kick him out of our group. This from the nicest, sweetest, funniest, most caring person i've met in sometime. Sadly... those ppl that kinda bit the helping hand will likely never read this...('tween us...Theres prolly a grand total of 3 ppl that see what I write)... But that doesn't mean it's not important for someone to acknowledge just exactly what happened. And to tell any that may some day read even one word of this what I think of this young man as well as the older sister that took on the job of being a Mom to him. Cricket...You are such a stand up guy. Someone I will always remember. We will remain friends. Limpy...Heck of a job you've done also. Thank you. With love, brinda Namaste Two more names of those that make a difference in Secondlife: Cricky Coberts Limpy Hax

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