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Friday, November 12, 2010

Ghosts in the Machine

*****************************Where we come from***************************


Working with new people...

Over the years I have occasionally come across a few lines on a Google page left by some of the older original members of Secondlife. While we still have a few of the oldbies left, as well as a very few of the charter members, there were hundreds that came in those earliest days. Most of those early members are gone today, leaving only 'The ghost in the machine'.... dim memories if anyone still here remembers at all.

Some months ago I contacted Pituca Fairchang, one of those early members, about continuing her blog. Her blog documented much of those early days with images and text... it was fantastic to see and read first hand what it was like in 2003. Pituca did do a couple more posts after we chatted but it was obvious that her heart just wasn't in it. If you read her profile and see what she had to say about Garth, the real life husband she had met here I think you will understand why. Often it becomes time to just gently let go.

As far as I know the single most definitive history of Secondlife written about some of the people and all of those earliest regions has been compiled by Lalo Telling, it's truly and exhaustive work and always an interesting read. ***********

My opening line to this post was, "Working with new people".

It's usually a complete surprise to new people that first..Secondlife has been around for 8 years... and second, that we have a documented history. If you haven't thought about it... save your images. We have no way of knowing how long this world will be here... and I can tell you from my experience that those images I saved from 2007 are vastly more important to me today than they were at the moment I took them. So many of the people in the few images I did save bring wonderful memories. The rest? Ghosts in the machine

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda




  1. Thank you for mentioning my work, brinda. I only wish it were as "exhaustive" as it deserves. Screen captures older than 2005 (when Snapzilla was started up) are rare. Narratives are rarer still... and the effort Oz Spade and others made in founding the SL Wikia has mostly been neglected since 2006.

    My effort to reconstruct what I've called the Elder Days notwithstanding, the most important aspect to any history of any culture is continuity. I would ask everyone, regardless of how long they've been in SL: Don't just save your images, post them online where they can be found... and please, tell the stories that go with the pictures. Join the Wikia and contribute. Fill the gaps, and carry the narrative forward.

  2. You heard him! Share the images we take.