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Monday, November 1, 2010

Secondlife Direction?

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Where is Secondlife headed...

I've read much of what many in our blogosphere have written about that future direction... it's difficult to believe that a company with a couple or three hundred employees plus the one hundred recently let go could keep the companies future direction a secret. My last employer had over one hundred employees... of that number there were perhaps ten or 15 of us that had a pretty good idea of what direction the company was heading. That direction was never a secret... while it wasn't posted on a company bulletin board or on a company website, we were aware of the direction and whether or not we were profitable.

We can be sure of a few things. The goal of those venture capitolists who's money is involved is to make more money. Speaking for myself...I'm still in love with this virtual world we call Secondlife, I doubt the money people share my emotion. I believe that Phillip Rosedale has a place in his heart for Secondlife as well, but it would appear that the reality is that the growth of Secondlife has reached a plateau and those that have money invested are wanting further growth {read more money}. Soror Nishi recently had a rather blunt post about the direction we seem to be headed... and she may well be correct, if she is, how could that direction stay a secret? What's even more concerning is if there is no stated direction.

Fast Easy Fun? Secondlife in it's current configuration will never be easy. Secondlife as we know it... a place where creativity is King/Queen? It's possible that those days may well be over before we are ready. Perhaps the direction is to simply have a three D, web based, farmville chat kind of place where people come to buy not create. That isn't my dream... maybe my friend soror is correct....what is supposed to happen is that we are destined to be a diaspora spreading out to populate other worlds where creativity is King/Queen.... for awhile.

These are the questions I think of in those dark quiet hours of early morning

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda



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