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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Gift...

*****************************Where we come from************************** *****************************************************************************
Old John....
I sat and looked at that heading for a bit...It's rather odd for me to see John as "Old John". A little background maybe.... I've lived for the last twenty years at the same address and when I first came here I was in my late forties and John was around seventy. John lives by himself and is one of the kindest, most gentle, and quiet men I've ever known... always a smile and a wave whenever he sees you... Perhaps a month ago I saw John walking down the walk and for the first time I saw him as "Old John". I stopped for a minute and after a hello I asked John how old he was. Now that question isn't that intrusive when it's asked by someone relatively close to your own age... so John looked at me, a little puzzled for a few seconds, and said slowly, "Eighty nine". {I think}
I went about my business and thought about his answer for maybe a minute and then promptly forgot about it. This evening, as I walked to the laundry room, there was John walking slowly towards me in the darkness, the street lit only by a distant streetlight. As I came close I saw John just stop and slowly look up, I'm not sure he even recognised me. I could almost see the slowness of his thoughts and reactions... and suddenly he became "Old John", and old man at the end of his life.
You see... I came face to face at that moment with the true reality of getting old. I have spoken before that in the life that John and I inhabit... we are both invisible. You that read this, how much intimate time do you spend with old people? Very little I's the way of the western world.
We, in virtual worlds, are given such a gift... we get to be young for so much longer. In virtual worlds I'm no longer invisible... here I'm respected and loved. There will come a time of sadness, Secondlife will someday no longer exist, it's the way of things. But when that day comes... there will be other worlds... there will always be other worlds. Just as humans received the gift of fire and we have retained that gift... we will forever have virtual worlds.
What a magical gift
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda


  1. Brinda...I've already advised a certain Ms Smythe not to be so negative about herself or that I'll fly over there and slap her silly. Planes can be easily diverted to California from Canada you know....
    Lets clear some things up, shall we? Obviously I have no idea of what your real life is like, so I cannot answer the idea that where you are you are seen as invisible, but perhaps you need to see yourself from a global perspective...
    I'm going to be arrogant for a change and speak for the many. We see someone who has overcome personal demons and found some inner calm along the way. We see someone who initially didn't have the skills to build on Second Life, learned those skills and built an online community. We see someone who has taken the time and has built friendships across the globe as a result. We watched and admired someone embracing a dream when that someone went to India...
    So invisible in the real world? nah...don't think so.

    As for being're only as old as you feel. Next week, one of the older members of the village I live in is going Skydiving.

    She's 96.....

  2. And I'll also say this : as the global economic crisis goes on, and there is less money to go round, the life experiences of the older generation will be sought by the younger generation.


  3. Alex...thank you.
    And yes, We can hope can't we.

  4. ugh! not reading this anymore now that it shows my location, I enjoyed following this, really didn't think about the locations till it showed mine. Removing from my bookmarks.

  5. Sorry Anounymous...All the websites you ever visit show a "location"... the location shown for me personaly is Santee, California. I live in Imperial Beach, 51 kms away.