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Friday, November 5, 2010

Getting *Hit On*....or not =^..^=

******************************Where we come from***************************** Sometimes there are those things that just make you go.... Hmmmm.

Maybe it has to do with me... a quick count of current residents on Benares is around nineteen {yes, I'm not sure just now...and what ever number it is is just fine for the purpose of this post!}. Of that number four are guys and one of them shares a place with a female partner. Now this male/female ratio wasn't planned, it's just happened that way. Where I'm going with this has to do with a question that's been asked of me a couple times this past week, once a few days ago by a new girl that's become a close friend, and again last evening when I went to check out Porter and loegans new music venue at The Mill. The question was, am I ever *hit on* by guys? and the answer is rarely...usually only by a total noob that hasn't learned how to read profiles, or the guy is a total idiot. Those that see me know that I dress in what I like to think are *classy* clothes...clothes that cover me well enough that nothing hangs out that I couldn't go to church showing (if I went to church =^..^=). Maybe it's me...when spoken to I am very direct and unless the guy is a total idiot it's obvious that I'm not here in Secondlife for a *relationship* no matter how short or long. If the situation warrants....well, ask me for a private telling of the story of Jason*** ********, {and no, I no longer have the picture :-) }.

Now both of the people that asked me the question about being hit on are new and that's no surprise to me... one is around 90 days, the other 12. Damn predators taking advantage of both the intensity of Secondlife and sometimes peoples innate curiosity. In my case, I've been rode hard and put away wet often in real life. I have done things to myself that I would never allow another to do to me so there's little I've not done or at least seen. I don't suffer fools easily in any life... and you know what?... It's one of the few benefits of my past that I take pleasure in at my age.

Maybe it's me, here at Benares in Secondlife I guess I'm seen as somewhat of a *den mother*... :-))...that den mother thing is beginning to happen at my part time job as well. It has taken me a very long time to truly find out just who I am...and to be comfortable with that.*******

Business now***********

We do have four parcels currently for sale at Benares... for those that don't know, I "sell" land for tier only... that gives people land owner control and yet allows them to leave if they must without losing and investment cost. Images of the private island parcels below****** Private island parcel 2048 meters/468 prims/5000L$ month tier only***Private island parcel 3120 meters/712 prims/7600L$ month tier only***

OK... Before I close, Check with either Porter Paquot or loegan Magic for in world details on the opening of The Mill live music venue scheduled for 7PM SLT this Sunday October 7th.******

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda




  1. Brinda,
    I have a few digits to impart...
    You gave me a wonderful start in SecondLife, a true blessing at 2 days old. I would never have survived SL if not for you! I miss you, I miss Benares. In whatever capacity you choose to live your life, I wish for you all the love, compassion, and loyalty that you give to others...
    Namaste my "den mother"
    ~Lori Faerye

  2. First of all - HI LORI!! WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! Second of all - ya SURE you don't still have that picture Ms. Brinda?? Positive??