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Monday, November 22, 2010

People Watcher..."where we come from"...etc

******************************Where we come from**************************** **************************************************************************

Seen on the grid...It's your choice what's on the Internet...It's not your choice to remove that information.

You guys know by now how I feel about seems so easy for some of us to forget that we were all new once. I've never forgotten that feeling, it felt like the first day in a strange school all over again. I've also never forgotten the oldbie that took me under her virtual wing...she didn't give me freebies, she didn't do a lot of show and explain- what she did do was to make me feel "a part of". A few days ago I had gone to some Linden office hours to support a friend that was having some account problems. Now being a people watcher in that other life we lead, here in Secondlife I'm a profile reader, and I was struck by a profile I read from one that had been here a few years. The opening line? "I don't help noobs"... how comforting. First, I find that many nooblets don't know there is a profile text to read. Second, if they do read that comforting. {OK, I'm going to be and ass}....That is such and insensitive thing to say and I marvel that anyone with such and attitude bothers to come to a world like Secondlife..go play Doom or Halo or some of that!

While the roar has diminished lately... there has been a comment "war" going on at one of the widely read blogs. Now I'm usually the last to get any inside info...but I tend to always understand that there are commonly three truths to any subject. Your truth, my truth, and the truth...and there's always enough mistakes in judgement to go around. {If anyone is short of those mistakes-- call me, I've got a lot of left overs =^..^= }

Lastly... I got and "anonymous" blog comment a day or so ago where someone was offended, or freaked out by seeing the town they live in displayed in my usual format of "where we come from". Now I would never post an IP address here even though and IP address could be the same if a couple of people logged in from say the same college. I started including the "where we come from" format as a way to bring us together and have received good feedback from some of you. My guess is that a very very very small town in Australia has someone there that is likely the only person in that town in Secondlife....and the town is small enough that their neighbors probably know that anyway! I've posted this before...but just for the record. My IP address comes out in Santee California.... I live in Imperial Beach, that's 51 KMs away. Another friends address comes out as a city in another state for gosh sake. Hmmm...I guess this comes full circle to the opening line..."It's your choice what's on the Internet...It's not your choice to remove that information." If I want to keep my IP address secret? I can't click on a website. period. stop. At least with me I'm not selling that info =^..^=

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda




  1. Hi Brinda! I love that you post pics of where people are from. Keep it up!

  2. Thank you Saxoni! Heh heh..I've a notepage full of cities and towns that I've posted... trying to not duplicate.
    I'm both flattered and humbled that so many of you honour me by coing and reading what I have to say.

  3. I agree with Saxoni, keep it up! It is a nice way to bring us together.