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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Local News"

******************************Where we come from**************************** *************************************************************************** Lynn has returned to Benares! She and I rezzed her house again last week... got her off of viewer 2.ought oh and happy here again! She's just another person that's had to deal with The Benevolent Monarchy {TBM} and the so called support system...that system kept her out of Secondlife for over a month. It makes me wonder why TBM can't see that when they lock someone out... they are costing that person real money.******************* Victoria has set up a new house as well... really nice place. We had to trim a few prims off of it to make the footprint fit... quite common to build houses with a large foundation so you can set it part way into a parcel that's not flat. This house was a great choice I think...I'm amazed at the quality of houses today as well as the primfficiency we see.************** Raven and Tricky have moved to the East Shore...cute place and good neighbors with Kattie and Jakob on either side. That means we have a very cool parcel on West Shore available now.***** I want to include an image of Marianelas place out East (below). Now I've never looked to see if this was her creation...certainly it's her idea. You see the ground floor is an aquarium! Now none of this really surprises me you see, because Marianela is a clothing designer who's creations are fabulous. I returned to her shop recently for a formal gown... I was invited to a function for The Palias magazine a few days ago... and I really was very under dressed :-) {just like my other life!}. Here's a SLurl to her shop at Hidden Treasures.......... I was extremely pleased and I tend to be much more critical than necessary!************ Last minute notes...Krasin is going give up her private parcel for now... I'm happy to announce she's going to be a new mother! And as I was writing this Sophie dropped in to say hello... She came here 350 days ago and says she still loves it every bit as much as she did on day one! Last but not the least...My West sim twosome of Porter and loegan have a joint music venture at The Mill. You can check with either of them inworld for show schedules...although last evening I found several people there just jamming, playing trivia, and dancing.*****************

My friend Twinkle has been inworld a little more often recently =^..^=. You know, a lot of us have made friendships in Secondlife that have gone on for a a long time. Just another place I feel so blessed...there are four of us that came here in 2007... Twin, Lala, Ling, and myself. I fully expect us to remain in Secondlife until that day someone turns off the last server....or then I think I'll do like my friend Drew... Drew still has and Alt on one of the old Help Islands... and that alt will never come to the mainland, those pixels were deleted the day TBM turned off those servers.

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda



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