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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Community....How may I help?

******************************Where we come from*************************** Sunday, I spoke of the magic I still find in Secondlife. Not long ago AlexHayden Junibalya asked me on Twitter if I was OK...He seemed to feel that a recent post of mine was somewhat despondent {and he may well have been correct!}.

This has been a year of much change for me here in Secondlife...what with the forced demise of the Secondlife Mentors Group last December, the closing of the former Help Island system, soon coupled with the disastrous (in my opinion) viewer I call 2.ought oh.... it has become really difficult to work with those just starting out in Secondlife. While there are those voices that see those of us that enjoy working with nooblets as a way to elevate our perceived low self esteem... I see the help I may have given as simply a way to repay the help, advice, and sense of belonging that was so freely offered to me 1246 days ago.

Some of that continuing magic comes from seeing new people do those things we later do almost without thought... simple things... remember how you felt that first time you heard "boom" and saw a box appear? Things like just automatically detaching that box you forgot to open and opening it on the land? BTW Lindens, thank you for the default "wear" now being the hand instead of the head, although I do miss the occasional nooblet running around with a torch. =^..^=

I have gained a further sense of magic by becoming a part of both the Secondlife community as well as our community at Benares. The Secondlife community I feel a part of from sharing the thoughts and feelings of those whose blogs and Twitter feeds I read... how could one not feel the excitement of Josues life today? My community at Benares... after a few years with some of them... I understand a lot of what goes on in that other life we live... the good times, the pain of jobs lost, homes lost, marriages failed, and marriages saved as well... Grand children born, and parents that pass on, our lives entwine.

I have been able also to take comfort in some of the things those in my community have spoken about when I do voice those despondent feelings I sometimes get about the direction this virtual world may be headed. Rather than try to link...I'de like to just reprint two recent comments:

From soror: Brinda, please don't worry...the people who love building and creating are still in the Metaverse, some of us have just chosen a grid with nicer 'bosses' and lower prices... InWorldz is one of several.... so we are just the diaspora.....blown out across worlds to enrich and colour other grids.... By sororNishi on This is a loss to all of us... on 7/27/10

And from Alex: Cubey's story is one possible outcome of the future...but the great thing about future events Brinda, is that they are not written in stone. When the last day comes..I'll visit as many places on my landmark list as possible. I'll indulge myself in the memories that each place will bring and I'll raise a virtual glass at each one. And once I'm done, I'll head home. To Bliss. And I'll sit on the deck of my little home and set the environment controls to sunset, set a smile on AlexHayden's face as darkness falls.... Because I'll be safe in the knowledge that even though the virtual world I know is gone, the friendships I've made will still be there, behind laptops and computers spread across the globe. And nobody can ever take that from us. The community will live on..... By AlexHaydenJunibalya on Oldbie on 10/21/10

Thank you to those that hold my pixel hand and tell me it will be OK

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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