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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm Curious... Is There Another Agenda Here?

****************************Where we come from******************************


If the Benevolent Monarchy can't make the new user experience manageable, who can? Most of what they have tried has appeared to be a dismal failure so far. A list of decisions that haven't brought results certainly includes viewer 2.ought oh. The stated reason for that viewer was that it would be more intuitive for new people...not least the way it is. {I'm gonna add that country saying about putting lipstick on a pig doesn't change the fact it's a pig.} Now I have heard from some that have been in world longer than I, and that they use 2.ought oh and like it. I'm's not that it's's confusing, and the very last thing someone dumped into a world they know nothing about needs is further confusion. Why on earth would a UI have hidden tabs...and how would a new user find that information? When I try to help a nooblet here and I see that they look like they're really interested and perhaps not just surfing the net before *American Idol*, I suggest they return to the Secondlife webpage and download 1.23.5. Guess what...happened last evening.... the common response is almost always, "Wow, this seems a lot easier to figure out!".

Face it Mr Rosedale, it's OK to say the company made a bad decision...a few of us remember the Ford Motor Company and the Edsel.... they admitted it was a mistake... and wasn't it this year they made more money than anyone else? It's OK to admit a mistake...unless...Unless there's stuff we don't know about, a direction you're heading that you know we won't like.

More... we can't cross a sim without a problem, and maybe there's a tech reason there that's just a horrendous cost to fix, but we're gonna get display names. And yes, I read a comment about some poor soul that's been around for awhile and she's still so bummed about her name...give me a break! Is she joking? Early on...pick another name...Brenda wasn't available but brinda lower case and with and "I" was.

We used to have a safe place for nooblets to enter the world...a place where if you accidentally ended up naked {and don't tell me I'm the only one that happened to} it wasn't that big a deal. It's always easier to make mistakes around others that are busy making their own mistakes.

We had free volunteer help...The Secondlife Mentors, and yes they got too big and there were a lot of *tag hunters*. And yet there were dedicated Mentors...Mentors I saw on the Help Islands on a daily basis and they made a difference. Throwing away free volunteer help isn't good business practise....but... Today we have the search function broken... is it *broken* for a reason we won't like?

By definition all that are in world are supposed adults... treat us like adults. Don't pee on me and tell me it's warm rain... be upfront. From what I've read I think there are enough people in Secondlife willing to bite the bullet a bit in order to make this place a continuing financial success if it would be necessary to save this world pretty much as it is now...{ and that's not as a 3D farmville}. My gosh, I stuck around after you took and extra nearly 700USD during the Island pricing fiasco of early 2008. Just tell us where we're heading...unless....unless no one knows.

OK, some of are are fools I guess...but we continue to hope.

That hope will someday dim if you won't be upfront with us

And so it goes

My love to all, brinda




  1. I think we get the message about how open LL will be to us from Jack's office hours. He just shows up, takes the beating, 'rah-rahs' whatever "accomplishment" of the week and disappears on the hour. (=_=)

    Once in a while he'll deliver a gem, but, it's usually only good comedic material. (^_^)

  2. the agenda is that they are replacing the 1.23 code with the 2.0 code. there will be no going back. this is straight from the horse's mouth - oz and esbee linden. the 2.X series of viewers uses a different strategy for dealing with your attachments. this is why i break my current attachments when i go back and forth between the two viewers. this is why i have missing inventory in my Current Outfit folder. the lindens are NOT apologetic for this state of affairs. the jira bug report i submitted on this was summarily closed by them as "expected behavior." they knew it would do this! it was planned. the part that really bothers me is if there was an agenda to change the code base, why not just say so? if that is the agenda, i would understand and accept it. the part i do not accept is the obfuscation... gives the impression that they are putting one over on us. they don't respect us enough as intelligent adults to just tell us the truth.

  3. And I must say, I am impressed that they apparently able to keep that final destination a secret. Unless...they really don't know where they're heading.