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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Have they lost the magic...or Just blind?

******************************Where we come from****************************** ******************************************************************************
Once one knows the magicians secret it's no longer magic, just expertise.

When I first came to Secondlife everything was magic... and really, in a different way, today so much of this place still remains magic. One of the early fortuitous things that happened to me was that I entered the Secondlife mainland at the Ross infohub.... a place that to this day I visit a few times a week. Perhaps a year after my first landing at Ross I saw a sign about a discussion group and a place and time that the group met. I began to attend some of those discussion meetings and the people I met there introduced me to a side of Secondlife that I was previously unaware of. Over these last couple of years I have met charter members of our world, I have met people whose technical expertise just amazes me, as well as some of whose creative skills certainly have made them financially successful. I met people who wrote articles about the inner workings of Secondlife and actually had constructive ideas about how to make changes for the better...( I didn't know at the time that no one from The Benevolent Monarchy ever listened). Now while some this information has diminished my sense of magic about the virtual world our pixels inhabit...that same information has given me given me a much clearer view of just how complex this platform is and how magical our collective journey truly is.

There is evidence that few Lindens today ever do more than a cursory "walk through" our world. I wonder if spending so much time behind the servers has really kept them from seeing the true magic that is Secondlife.... of course, it's impossible to miss something you never had. If one is born blind there is no way to understand colors...and my belief is that in so many ways The Benevolent Monarchy is blind.

I believe we will continue to see...if not here, then in another world/life

And so it goes

My love to you all, Brinda



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