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Sunday, November 28, 2010

How long is the rope?

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How long is the rope?.... I use that statement as a metaphor for long is that rope, how long is life?

I truly became aware of my mortality at 15... I can't tell you why the realisation deep in my soul happened, but I had read a story of Mark Twain called The Mysterious Stranger and suddenly I understood. You see at 15, I could look back close to the beginning and see how long that had taken... but the rope stretched ahead into dim mist... no way to see the end from 15. I have searched since that day for and answer. I have used every way I could imagine looking for that answer... a large dose of LSD had me out of this body while sitting in a shop in Laguna Beach California circa 1970 watching Ram Dass and Timothy Leary. I have sat in a cave in the Mojave desert looking out into the night and scared the hell out of myself. Recently I have been to India and sat where Siddhartha sat 2600 years ago... and the answer for me is that the rope stretches to eternity. How long is eternity one might ask.... The answer I was given some years ago is that a bird flys dragging a silk scarf over a tall mountain once every thousand years...eventually that mountain will be wore away. That is eternity. This body will decay and fall away... but this body is not me, it is only a vehicle for me to pursue the goal of enlightenment.

May we all live with compassion

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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