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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Delinda Dyrssen...I will miss you.

Today isn't a time for my usual format of, "Where we come from". Yesterday we all lost a part of Secondlife...Delinda Dyrssen is gone.

With the number of people in Secondlife, I would suspect that many of you wouldn't know who Delinda was... who she knew, {uncounted numbers of people}...or what she did in Secondlife.

Delinda was the heart and soul of live music in Secondlife... She ran "Live and kickin" for awhile, and if you haven't experienced live music here you are truly missing a great community. Community of one sort or another seems to be the key to remaining in Secondlife.

I met Delinda through a business arrangement I had with Paisely Beebe and Treet TV... we both came to Secondlife in early 2007, but I hadn't met her till a few months ago... such a delightful woman. I often wondered how she ever found time to chat/IM with so many of us.

While I will miss seeing those blue pop ups that would have told me Delinda is on line and I am saddened by our Buddhist roots tell me that while she has dropped that body...she will remain in our hearts.

Rather than use HTML links I'm going to just paste two links below from people that knew her more intimately than I. Delinda will remain always in my heart...and my friends list

And so it goes

Delinda... I will remember you, brinda