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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Does Land Equal Commitment Here?

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I wonder why some of us make a statement of apparent commitment in Secondlife to the degree we invest a portion of our other lives financial resources here, while there are others that surely seem to be as committed by virtue of being in world longer than I who remain almost proudly virtually homeless. I grant that we have no need for a place to sleep here, or to cook...even though a good friend of mine has absolutely everything in her Secondlife home that she has in her other world.

I bought my first land and my first house just a couple weeks after I came to this world. I have maintained a "place" in Secondlife continuously since that day... I wanted a place to feel I belonged... a place to set out some of my virtual possessions so I could see them. Since the earliest days Benares has maintained a guest house so that any of our female visitors could have that same feeling of belonging...more about that below.

I recently counseled one of my young friends about the benefits of having her own "cave". There is a great deal of perceived personal power in Secondlife women having their own place... it's the same power that women get in our other life by being self sufficient. Men treat women very differently when they see that the woman is doing just fine all by themselves.

I know The Benevolent Monarchy understands the power of land ownership and it's relationship to commitment here... they brought out the Linden homes this past year or so. Now I can dance on both sides of that... First, giving out those pitiful 512 "rabbit warrens"---it was a slap in the face of private land sellers as well as it left a terrible impression of what land ownership really is. Second, if I had been doing it, I would have offered that deal for 30 days and then an offer of a discounted mainland parcel for say 6 months. There is a huge glut of Linden land empty and that would be a way to get some people back onto the mainland. As with so much of what TBM does, it seems that they only start projects... and never bother to really take a look at how those projects are doing and perhaps make improvements as necessary.

I suppose land ownership in Secondlife comes down to that thing that runs all worlds... personal preferences. It is a wonder to me that a reasonably bright stable person would bother to invest nearly six thousand dollars a year in pixels. Oh well, my children have been told that I plan on enjoying my life...and if there is anything left over they are welcome to it =^..^=

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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