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Saturday, January 2, 2010


Secondlife Resident #924...7 years here {clic pict to read}
Laurali, Secondlife Resident # 17 million ?
Such unbelievable talent...3rd day!
The second house she was building...right center
Today, seventeen days short of one year :-((
Today wasn't a happy day for me...and I hope that the part that makes me sad is just a misunderstanding...or just real life and the holidays getting in the way.
On January 18th 2009 I met Laurali at one of the Help Islands...I guess I did make a great first impression...she was being approached by a brand new of those nooblets that's in love...{with anything that moves}... and I promptly sent his butt packing! =^..^=
Two days later she created a snowman here at Benares...the next day the wagon...perhaps two weeks later her first house... and the only help she got on the house was the doors.
Lari became such a part of us...she was everywhere and always a delight to be around.
After perhaps six or seven with many of us... Laurali didn't seem to have the time to log in as often. I looked today...over a month , 11/20/09 :-(.
It happens...and I really don't understand just why. Some of us seem to find a missing piece of ourselves here and others I guess don't. Look at the top picture...I saw it on SL Universe this morning. Seven years here in Secondlife and still so involved.
I 'took' Laris tier box almost a week ago... I had to...for one thing, if allowed to go to four days arrears the box will parcel return everything....omg what a mess... when one goes to rezz objects prims just explode everywhere. The thing that will hurt my heart is when I reclaim that parcel.
While I would like to be able to provide a parcel for everyone free...financially I can't afford it. I owe it to the rest of the residents to try and treat all equally.
My reclaim won't cost Lari money...Benares doesn't "sell" parcels...if a resident chooses to leave they don't have ongoing tier eating up L$ while they look for a buyer.
I end each post the same telling all of you that I care about you and love you...and I do. I wish everyone of you to find the passion that Cristiano found seven years ago...or the passion that still burns so brightly for me.
If you must leave us, please come and chat with me about it... So often people just disappear. Just come and say goodby.
Goodbyes are seldom fun...
I see things like goodbyes as growing...maybe not growing up...just growing.
I still believe that each of you leaves a part of you here after you go, and some of you so touch my heart. For that I am thankful...
And so it goes
I do love you all, brinda

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