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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thoughts... Stories...

I couldn't think of an appropriate picture today...just a jumble of thoughts...that's nothing new for me =^..^= Spent a goodly portion of last evening with a friend of mine figuring out how to move avies across the Help can be done. The old Mentors could and would do it for you...both moving volunteers and I think they could either move you directly, or facilitate a move via Lindens if you inadvertently teleported off an island before you were ready. Anyway, moves can be done, just a sequence to follow. I've a friend from Japan that has found her passion in volunteering there...she and I both firmly believe that just as in a real world medical emergency {the golden hour}...the first sixty minutes in Secondlife so often determines our success in staying. I had a text message from a friend last evening just before made me think of the parallels between the *real world* and this *second world*. My friend Amy has had to totally support her husband and children for a number of months now after her husband lost his job. In their wasn't possible for him to take a rather menial job {day labor..whatever} because of the cost of child care. So she would be on the road, sometimes over a long weekend, while he watched their children {his and theirs}. Amy's just days short of 23...and is having to grow up so fast...has had to grow up fast for a long time now. I've gotten to know just a tiny bit of her family story and I don't think it was an *Ozzie & Harriet* life. But, when I hear the Amy stories...while it's lets me believe that some of our young people are made of great material. The kid's going to be OK...I've not had a chance to know her long but I have faith in her...{and some that know me know I'll put a foot in hubbies butt if he screws this up! } :-) There are benefits in getting old..{next year I'll try to list them if I can remember them!}. I've learned not to say exactly the first thing that comes to mind...some times. I brook no male chauvinist crap...and while the long range benefits to my friends can be good... the early fallout is often intense. A couple of years ago one of my friends indicated to me that her RL/SL relationship wasn't an equal one...IE, she paid for the parcel, he decided on the house...he decided everything. It wasn't long before he decided he didn't like me either {what a surprise!} see, I had no problem laying out to my friend that a house choice {and other things} was an equal opportunity situation. often happens to many women...she caved in to his wishes...for a while. Today she's back...she's safe...she's her own person now. {And in the interest of harmony...I don't send him IMs telling him what I really think :-)) }...I'm so proud of her. My passport with a visa from the Republic of India came via Fed-EX from the Indian consulate yesterday. What a difference some years can make...quick story. In early 1970 I was applying for a job with Roscoe Moss, a water well drilling company out of LA. While I've often had social "issues"...I am/was great at dealing with bureaucracy...I spent my last working years dealing primarily with government construction contracts at the implementation level. Roscoe Moss had just gotten a multimillion dollar contract to drill water supply wells in Libya...I sent my application for a visa to the Libyan government as a precursor for employment. Denied! I wasn't laughing I find it hilarious that a country that would assist in blowing an airliner out of the air would deny me a visa because of an extensive criminal record. Today, I get to go do a little shopping for a few things for my coming trip...and send an E mail to my bank for an appointment. My trip to India will be most of all a pilgrimage. Karma...maybe I get to repair a little in this life...thank you to The Republic of India. And so it goes I do love you all, brinda Namaste

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