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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Benares Shop & My Ramblings Today

The Shop at the Ross Infohub

I had a chance to rent this space a few weeks ago and waited a couple days too long... the chance slipped away. Then a week or ten days ago I saw the renters time was running out and his content was gone...I IMed Prokofy asking about this space and found that Angela T had first refusal...fortunately She let me have this space and took the one just across the plaza. This shows me once again that civility and patience helps :-)) .

I've set up photos of our islands and some notecard/landmark givers there as advertising... the $4 dollars a month is really cheap. Sure as heck beats that 30USD I paid Xstreet for a 100,000 clic banner ad {the ad that saw maybe 8 visitors to our place and zero contacts}.

I want to set out a few freebies for nooblets...and eventually have enough prims left over to allow Benares residents to sell content. BTW, any content at the shop would need to be boxed... must be rated PG... and not ripped. Either myself or Poly will inspect all content listed for compliance with DMCA rules.

Ross has a special place in my heart as it was where I entered Secondlife nearly one thousand days first *home position*. It's where I met Prokofy, joined the Sutherland Dam discussion group and where I eventually took my first steps into being involved into a part of the social fabric of Secondlife.

I know that most of you aren't interested in the gossip...trolling...flaming...hate and discontent so often found in many if not all of the forums. I rarely post anything there...none of the above actions are things I choose to be a part of...but I do have some blogs I follow and comment on. For me it's a part of being involved in Secondlife...not just a passive member. Just as in real life, knowing people, knowing who to talk to about what can certainly help.

I hope all of you find something wonderful has happened to you this past year...for me meeting you, and having you become a part of both my family at Benares and in Secondlife is a treasured gift.

May your burdens be light in the coming year.

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda


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