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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Configurations...Old Things Changing

Andors Boat, Treasure Chest, and a Special Memento... I can't tell you how I felt yesterday when I logged on and found both a note from well as his boat and chest. You see, from the day Andy moved from mainside's West shore to our East homestead parcel, the boat was always here. The parcel would be redone every so often, but the boat always felt..... *right*. In the chest is something that Andy got when he first came to Secondlife...I've been chosen to be the caretaker 'till the day he returns. Many times I've spoken to how early memories here in Secondlife are so least to me. {I know, I'm a sentimentalist=^..^=} To be trusted with someones early objects/memories is truly special. Andy...thank you. **********
Ronin Has Done Fantastic Things at The Far SouthEast Corner of our World here... Benares is constantly blessed with artistically talented people...When Ronin bought this corner parcel and asked to have it terraformed from a simple flat parcel to what you see here...I had a good feeling that the parcel was going to end up nicely done. is always such a personal thing, but the rather peaceful piano media playing seems just perfect!
Fruks Has Decided to Move to the Parcel Andor Did so Much With...
Of all the people in Secondlife...I doubt any choice to end up with Andors place could improve on Fruks...
Over the past months before she moved here, I've seen her as a frequent visitor on the east homesteads. More artistic talent...
Sometimes I look at the differences between our East and West regions...neither is "better"... just different.
Couple things going on with both me...{surprise surprise:-)}....
And Secondlife...
Second one first...
Sadly there is hate in any world and those that hate I will not tolerate at our home.
I'm always talking about Benares has either myself or managers in world for many of the twenty four hours. {I'll post management names in a list at the end of this post}
Recently a manager told me that she had estate banned a few names because they had griefed one of our residents. Any of you have's in our land covenant... you parcel ban and contact of us will estate ban.
Along those lines...
Just to clarify the Benares position on Ban lines.
Ban lines on mainside are not allowed...If you want to control access to your house...{I do lol} Security Orbs are suggested as long as you leave people access to walk along the water edge of your land. Any questions or for help...Talk to one of us.
Out on the private islands...I see no harm with parcel ban. Your ban lines don't interfere with recreational water use, or movement.
Goodtimes over Thanksgiving as well as times that were just a part of life.
I took the opportunity to travel from San Diego to Tucson AZ. to spend a little time with my Mother...the two of us are all thats left of our family...I'm 67 and Moms 87. {I ones that old!}
Mom is still alive...I had people here to be sure that the residents didn't have *stuff* happen that caused problems...I got a chance to read "The Making of Secondlife" and "I Avatar"...I had the chance to *drive*. {Many here know I used to spend a lot of time on the highway}.
Other part...
Moms is still alive...She talks to me about me...There is a good part of Alzheimers...(you can stay three days and tell them its been week and a half...Someday many of you will really understand that part).
Years ago pretty much everything that happened to me was *your* fault...
Today all of what goes on in my life is my doing...and it's not *fault*...
Benares Managers:
Ling Hotshot...Usually available from 5:30 am SLT for an hour or so..returning in early evening till approx. 9pm.
Polyhistor Serpente...7/8pm SLT 'till often 3/4am next day.
My self..I'm in and out much of the time between the other two.
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda

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