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Friday, December 11, 2009

Potpourri @ Benares & The Loss of the SL Mentors

These are the ones I met that made a difference... More below. My apologies for the lack of posts this past week...I've just been a little overwhelmed. Before I get into my tale of woe take a moment to look at the recent post from Crap Mariner... **** Future Fossil Fuel So often this guy hits me exactly where I live...I too saw all those in Secondlife that were three years old as true ancients. I just knew they had all the secrets...{some did!}...and that they were wise beyond any comprehension I would ever achieve. Crap mentions wisdom early in his post and I do believe I've accumulated just a tiny bit of that...{it would be a shame to think I've lived so hard for 67 years and not}. I understand the difference between wisdom and knowledge...I always had a head full of *stuff*...but wise I wasn't. My week has seen a couple of eight to ten hour days here in world working on the Benares yearbook. Being obsessive/compulsive I've spent a lot more time this year on the book than last...last years book was much too long and rather poorly done. More of that lack of knowledge thing. Along with that were the usual things that go along with running the estate...{sometimes I just get flat lucky...hiring Bubbles was one of my better moves}. Bubbles watching over tier boxes saves me time and well as saves our residents confusion. I moved one resident from West to East... had to catch another and have them turn on scripts so tier box would run... terraform a parcel...get resident pictures for the book... That's why I *hid* status for a couple days... I've not seen Desire or Barbara in world for longer than I preparations? The reality of my projected trip to India is just starting to take's one thing to read about things and's quite another to actually sit down and make phone calls. And while I tend to whine a bit...I had some wonderful times as well. Kattie came home real life from a trip north and we had a chance to chat...yes, it's still text on a screen...but here in Secondlife it's different =^..^= I met Sophie and she's looking like another person that will just explode by me in skills... I think she may well join us here. Gigi stopped by for a few...always a joy to see my Turk! Andor sent me an all too brief but warm IM as well as pictures for book. Prokofy IMed me to go to Ross and test out his new bulletin board...and while there, I met Piper and had a chance to help her out with some clothes, hair, skin etc. She and I came back to Benares and she TPed her real life sister Stephanie to join us. I'm blessed with having people I can share both the great things that happen here as well as those things I sometimes agonize over...such a gift... Many of you know one of my greatest passions is helping new people...the way things are going...I may be more usefull than before. Even though the Secondlife Mentors for the most part didn't spend much time at the Help Islands...there were a few that worked with those new people only minutes old...the ones that really needed someone to say, "Welcome...we are glad you're here". The names in the list at the top of this post are the mentors I worked with over the years... They didn't just wear the tag...they did the work. Today is the last day for that program...the Secondlife Mentors group will cease to exist effective today :-( All is impermanent And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste

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