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Friday, December 4, 2009

Friends...Old and New...

Jackie and Rick...Love finds a way always... Picture credit...Harley Blum
Wonderful Announcement!!!!
Jackie and Rick!
I met them while doing random exploration some weeks ago and almost immediately offered friendship...certainly not my usual response to meeting new people.
This couple were so obviously in love it transcended our physical distance...rarely do new people engender such warmth upon first meeting.
Jackie graciously sent me the above wedding invitation last evening....Having survived two marriages of my own...I rarely attend these events, but this one I will do...genuinely happy that two wonderful people found love here.
Visitors...................Old and New...
Tiny Visitors...{added me for scale} =^..^= yes, I'm siting on a prim...they're knee high
I've chatted about Bubbles before...gosh the name certainly fits. Now Bubbles I see almost everyday...{sometimes I end up in bed before she logs on...Bubbles lives nine time zones east of me}...But Xtine I hadn't seen in months. Real life had occupied her time...she logged on and since *home* was set at Benares I had a chance to reacquaint. Fun!
More good news! I heard from my friend Gabby last eve as well...
Gabby too has found love in Secondlife...I'm pleased. She told me shes back into building again, She showed a lot of talent in building early on.
Just recently I found the picture I had taken of Gabby the day we met at a Welcome area a long time ago.
Thankfully Poly did show me how to hide here....not to be sneaky...but to be able to do some things that require me to really concentrate.
Last years Benares yearbook took a couple weeks to do...not because it's that hard I think...but because the tool was a little dull :-).
So if it's really might find me up about 4000 meters over my front yard...{if it's not REALLY assured I'll yell... lmao!} (as if that did any good) :-)
I do want to get our Benares Memories 2009 out in the next week...let's hope.
BTW..there's a message board on the front steps of my house...leave me a message...I do check!
OK, That's all I can think of today that's appropriate to comment on.
And so it goes
I love you all, brinda

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