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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Balancing on the Edge

Always a balancing Act A great deal of my thinking now comes in those small hours in the morning. A time of often pleasantly deafening silence... These last few days have had me thinking about my lives... notice the plural. How often do we in Secondlife explain to nooblets that Secondlife isn't a game...but truly a second life. A life populated by {mostly} real people... people with dreams and goals. The goals are sometimes goals that I find uncomfortable... but thats a wondrous thing in Secondlife... it isn't *one size fits all*. My real life isn't that complicated... looking at bank balances trying to determine when I want to see about doing all the details for going to India in a couple months... does Cinnamon have enough cat food to last the week?... should I go wash the car? Interestingly enough, Secondlife often seems to get a lot more complicated. And I'm wondering if it's because often I care more about the people here... and if that's the case...why? Keep in mind that I understand a lot about me...I once read that a measure of my mental health involved knowing exactly where I stand in the universe... and I think I've a good view of that. Here in Secondlife I push no fantasies on I posted on Monday, estate owners have virtually unlimited powers over our land use... I've only exercised the power to remove a resident once. That removal was done because I saw it in the best interest of Benares... and while I never have to return tier...I did then. I returned it because a measure of ethics is doing the right thing. From the first weeks I came to Secondlife I've tried to help everyone I could... I know I've always done *the right thing* here... and that's something I can't say in the life that is concerned with India, cat food, or car washing. Residents occasionally come to me with requests, ideas, problems, any number of things. I know that I either solve the problem, answer the question, or darn sure find someone that can. In some of those situations, some may see my decisions as neither smart nor wise... and while it may surprise those that view me as arrogant or rigid, I often seek counsel. I listen to that counsel. Sometimes I agree. Sometimes I don't. Without being arrogant, or rigid...If there are those that don't like my choices...please think about this. My goal is to provide the best experience residentially I can in Secondlife... I need your help in doing that. But finally is this. The bottom line is...the bottom line. Whether my decisions are right or wrong...they're mine...and I write the check every month. And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste


  1. Brinda, I recently spoke with another resident of Benares and we both agreed that had we not been living in Benares during our newbie stage, who knows whether we would have remained in SL. Such a strange world to the newcomer! You offered us not just land and goodies (clothes, skins, eyes!) but a sense of security, and a sense that there were people we could go to when confused. Thank you so much, Caro.

  2. Brinda I've always told you, and I've always ment it... Its your island and you have final say in what happens there. It is not possible to please everyone.. I of all people have figured that out. In the end you just have to say.. this is the decision I have made and its the decision I can live with. It's your dream, its your island. I will always respect that. :)