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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All leave a Part Here

Parcels...Some Empty...Some full...
There is a flow of residents at any location in Secondlife.
Rare is the SLurl location that remains unchanged...almost all the places mentioned to explore in "The Official Guide to Secondlife" are no longer there.My first island home is no longer named the same...and if I hadn't found a leftover landmark in and alts inventory, it would be "gone".

I've spoken before to the apparent compression of time that seems to exist here.My first resident left for a brief period...returned...left...and now is likely to remain as long as Benares is here.I have another that lives in a modest place on the East shore that's been here almost two years...since just after this place existed.The first four still have places here although Twinkles real life career in Bangladesh pretty well precludes her coming but rarely.

We have seen some go recently...some left to be with a relationship.

Some left to join the list of us that commit a substantial portion of income to pursuing the Secondlife dream.

Friends call...Role play calls...

And some came...and more will...

What I have found is this...Everyone that comes here and spends any time with us...leaves a part of themselves here...

They also leave a mark on my life...I am blessed to have had people touch me.

What ever the journey we's a part of this grand illusion.

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda


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