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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Benares...Looking at Us

Benares Looking East from offshore at the Northwest side


Sabre is Remodeling...
Kiki Has Rejoined us... Her New Place...
Sophie Has Joined Us on the East Region!...
A little good news....
We are so blessed with continuing to see people coming to stay at Benares.
I have to believe that we really are doing something right...
It's just under forty days short of two years since Lala and I set the first tree here. This place has given me some pain...and so much joy. When I read the comments from residents telling me that if they hadn't found Benares they doubt they would have remained in Secondlife...I want to yell YES!...and all that happens is I choke up.
Seeing new people come to build...watching some remodel...just watching the Amber and Couchmans spending precious time in their place...these are the things that give me great joy.
I want this world we have to never end... I am in good health, and I'm committed to continuing Benares. This is a dream I never dreamed was possible... thank you all for believing.
And so it goes
My love always, brinda

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