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Friday, January 22, 2010

Secondlife changes don't always stop here...

The Best of the Default Avatars in May 2007... The Hat/Hair then... Today...changes...
I went to bed last evening thinking about something that Deanna said to me about patience.
Much of my self inventory comes in the night or early predawn hours... those times are so important for my growth as a person.
Early last evening I had ended up with three new people standing at our telehub. One new person can get/be confused...three is exponential growth...IE: 1+1=3 .... 3+1=6.
My hands were so full. My friend Deanna stopped in and I asked her to try to work with Rosie while I stayed with MaryB and her real life friend MC.
My personal experience seems to tell me that for anyone to *learn* anything requires a mental "click" {my description}...a seeming mental quantum "ah hah" moment, suddenly it all makes sense.
For me, when I came, those ah hah moments didn't come easily or quickly...look at the top pictures.
In 2007 all the avatars except the one you see, {me} had texture hair. It took me three weeks to finally figure out that the hat and the hair were one attachment! Slow :-)
Working with new people.
*A*, you never know who, or what they're about...where they're busy multitasking...substance abuse...cultural beliefs.
*B*, are you not clear with your directions?
The two I had started with actually did rather well...MC seemed to be the most confused at first...and yet..there was that ah hah moment and suddenly she *got it*...always fun.
Deanna had a longer way to travel...and after "my" two logged off for eve...I went to see about Deanna and Rosie. We did make some progress but it was slow...once we found out that Rosie had left to go to the bathroom and hadn't told us. There was a time that something like that would have just had me walking away...(and I still do at times)...and that's when I heard Deanna compliment me for my patience.
That's what started me thinking....
The countless hours my dear friend Twinkle spent teaching me the basics ...not only of Secondlife...the very basics of computer use. The hours this past year that Poly has spent in order to allow me to be able to pretty much take care of this estate and the needs of the residents. The time that Ling has spent showing me that concern for others mixed with a desire for the good of all is important. The loyalty of Lala...always there.
How could I not try to be patient?
Completely different thing...and yet it's still change.
I haven't logged in today to see what's going I haven't seen Andors house. He IMed me last evening in the middle of my nooblet scene to tell me that he had bought a house.
Andys always had such peaceful, thought provoking parcels...and yet this will be his first house at Benares.
Secondlife stats once reported that only 15% of us owned land... owning a parcel here and putting up a house is truly a commitment to the kind of passion that will keep us here and keep Secondlife alive and vibrant.
I'm really starting to get excited about my upcoming trip...Just yesterday someone reminded me that it's less than two weeks away.
I know that the culture of India will be a good test of my patience...I'm a type "A" person... the song Willie Nelson wrote years ago about the beat ought to go a little faster spoke to how I feel much of the time.
Just thought of the line that says, *every ones in a hurry to go to heaven.....but no one wants to die*.
And so it goes
I love you all, brinda


  1. eh, your math is killing me. 1+1 = 3? How does 3+1 = 6? wouldn't it be 4.5? my head hurts.

  2. Killing you! =^..^= {I had to google dictionary to spell exponential}.

    And yes in a logical world 4.5 is correct.
    Send me your math teachers name..we could sure use her/him in California.

    So great to see some ones paying attention!