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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sophies newest house out East... Zarz has a wonderful Victorian house going up! Fruks beach house out East Andors newest creation =^..^= Short post today...I'm running out of time to take care of all the details in both this life and my other real life ! I flew around last evening looking at what a wonderful place we have at of my goals before I leave for India is to document all you have done creatively to make our region what it is. The four places shown above weren't picked for any special reason...or listed in any special order. Almost without fail new people come to Benares and stand totally transfixed by what they see. A common comment is, "How long did it take you to do this?" Then they get the news that while the basic island terraforming was copied from my first island home and a lot of the upper mesa landscaping might be mine...the beauty they see is the creativity of all of you...the residents. *** As always we have new people coming here...most calling the Northshore guest house home for as long as they need. Again no particular order..Shayde, Deanna, Zenith, and more that escape me now...if you see them try to take a second to say hello and remember how it felt to be new. *** Now while my ego would like to believe that I have profound insights into life...HaHa and I know that's likely not the case. I did want to get started with the pictures.....If you haven't changed your place...I'll probably not picture it again {mine included lol}. *** In this next week I will share my trip itinerary and my departure date/time and hopefully return....I've never been gone from Secondlife more than 3 days since I joined in May 2007....yesterday was day 1,000...and I'm more passionate about this platform, our island, and all of you, my friends today, than I was at the beginning. And so it goes I love all of you, brinda Namaste


  1. There should be a zoning rule: nothing taller than Brinda's big tree at the center of the sim. It's neat seeing it from any vantage point such as in the background of some of these pics.

  2. =^..^= just saw this Andy....I may do another balloon as well..I see it in some of the picts as well