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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Letting Go....gently

*** A close friend found this proposal on her group info a couple days ago. First, there's no way to ascertain exactly who added this proposal or when it was posted...but my friend and I did use some deductive reasoning. We know who in the group had the assigned ability to post proposals and there only seems to be one person out of five it could be. So often my first response to anything I perceive painful tends to be self serving...when something hurts me, I immediately don't/can't see any other side. In this case, as so often happens, if I get a couple days to think about things... my attitude becomes better able to see *you* and not just *me*. In trying to read between all the lines and remembering what has transpired over these last few months I believe this proposal just may be Lauralis goodbye to us. I sit here thinking...what if I'm wrong? What if I'm making a melodramatic scene? If I be it....and I would hope that I am wrong. But I don't think I am. I saw a beautiful young woman with the creative talent so rarely seen here go from being in world everyday to being unable to finish a build over several months. I saw her log in long enough to pay her tier...visit briefly for a few days...and at the end never return. {see *Staying*, January 2nd} *** I have often posted about how I want people to just come and say goodbye. Simple thing isn't it? I'm not seeing the other side...I'm not seeing how badly the other person hard it just may be to end a loving relationship. Yes, Secondlife is pixels...a virtual world...but if one gets truly involved here, this world and the people are real. How many times have I told nooblets that Secondlife isn't a game...there's no truly is a second life. Somewhere long ago I read something that now returns to mind.... We all play games...nice games...sometimes fearful games...selfish games...the number of games is the number of people. Please forgive my games of fear and another life I hope to do better than this time. *** While those who leave will likely never see these words... Laurali, if you did leave that as a goodbye....... Vaya Con Dios, go with God my child. I will never forget you...and you too have left a part of yourself with many of us. And so it goes I do love you, brinda Namaste

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