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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Home...and where our hearts really are

Los Angeles, Saturday early eve...I do love that city...I don't choose to live there anymore but it's still my favorite city....{on the six days a year you see a view like this and yes, a blue filter helps :-) }. ***
Coming in from San Diego on Friday...traffic bad enough we came in over the water and headed nearly to Riverside to make the turn to land from east end of runway...Haha, a fifty mile turn.
Always nice to get a low level daylight tour of just how many of us there are!
Yes, the wind was just starting so we still had air you could taste/sink your teeth in. A lot of visitors don't understand that when one can see how smoggy it's really not that bad :-)
Thirty years ago there were many summer days when I couldn't see the nearly four thousand foot San Gabriel mountains just ten or twelve miles away...{life was good! the perceptions of youth}.
Imperial Beach on Sunday...looking south... low hills are Mexico.
Home today...just four blocks from the pier I'm standing on.
As beautiful as this is...I still love Los Angeles...guess I always will.
And yet my greatest peace on a daily basis comes here.
I had a chat with my friend Andor a day or so ago...we both seem to think about Secondlife a lot even when we aren't here... I dream about Secondlife. Obsessed? Maybe... I've had worse =^..^=
I have several things to attend to today...and yet I will think about the newest people I've met in these past couple of days. I know they will be OK...and yet I also know that having a friendly face to chat with in our first few days is important.
Sadly I guess Desire Halsey has left us...I saw ten days or so ago that her house was missing...Tier ran out Wednesday and the last couple of objects returned at four day arrears.
As always, it doesn't feel good to see people leave...I remember how excited Desi was when she first came...I can only wish her the absolute best in any world she inhabits...and say it was wonderful to have had her as a friend and resident.
She too, has left a piece of herself on our island and in my heart.
And so it goes
I do love you all, brinda

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