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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing on a quiet Saturday night...

Just A quick post early early on a Sunday morning! Poly, myself and a friend playing....for a change! *** Check out the view...Poly took this using Kirstens viewer...really cool shadows although the report was the viewers a little buggy still. *** Katey E. with Immys new avie....still has to stretch some hair to fit and see if Immy has a texture that she can do for the head. Shoes as always for people 3 ft 10 are rather hard to do since LL feet only go to zero..{zero at 7ft3 is 3ft10 ewww!} *** I'll post photos later today or tomorrow on the new tree I set at mainside....the top is at 110 meters above the mesa...(153 "Z")...just in clouds! Please don't yell at me 'bout the prim count on it...I didn't get an accurate total....when I got to 100 that was close 'nuff =^..^=. (Told ya there's never too many prims....only limit is your purse.) *** Real life...{Hmmm isn't this RL?} ...calls, more later. No idea why I'm this happy this morning! And so it goes A happy brinda loves you all. Namaste

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