"Listen with an open mind, but don't try to remember this stuff. There's no quiz at the end." Jack Kornfield

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gin had a dream....

Often when I see people in pain my first reaction is to want to fix their pain....and while that sounds like a worthy merit based it really? Who am I too judge? Why is the pain I perceive another to have mine to try and alleviate? What has caused that pain? As a young child I was blessed to have grandparents that had a very southern, homespun philosophy of life....more than once I heard my grandfather recite the following story about the frog and the scorpion. ** Mr Frog is sitting on the creek bank sunning his self when the local bully scorpion comes by. The scorpion wants to cross the creek but can't he asks Mr Frog to let him ride across the water on the frogs back. The frog tells the way! You're a bad character an I fear you'd sting me. The scorpion insists that it would be foolish for him to sting the frog 'cause both would then drown. OK...that sounds logical to the frog and away they go. Yup...'bout halfway across the creek the scorpion stings the frog...and as they both begin to drown...the frog tells the scorpion, "Now why did you do that...we will both drown now...Why?" The scorpions response......." You knew what I was before you picked me up". *** Last evening I saw a profile that immediately struck me as someone in pain.... But after a few moments of reflection...I thought of my sweet island girl Gin. I met Gin and Belli at Isabel with most new people I meet, I remember exactly where they were standing. They were both pretty close to abandoning Secondlife at that moment...this world can be both lonely and confusing. As with your's difficult to pick one over another...but I will never forget Gin. She would rezz a house that really was a little too large...but watching her all I could do was tell her it was OK...we could trim it easily to was like Christmas all over for her. Gin is young, trusting, and was manipulated into a situation that I find personally repugnant. So when I saw the profile of the manipulator............I thought of Gin...She deserved better and I didn't do my job. I tacitly picked up the scorpion as well...and I knew better. Never again. Gin had a dream here...and I miss her And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste


  1. Brinda, I may have missed something here, but what happened to Gin?

  2. I believe Gin was emotionaly forced to make a choice to either continue the "submissive slave" relationship...or leave Secondlife. Fear of a potential real life confrontation was a consideration since there was a gender identity question involved.
    I still have Gins tier box and hope she will return here someday.