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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A touch of whimsy!

This is a rerun picture...however while taking this picture a day or two ago I found so much going on there I just had to do a bigger post on the place. Kattie has had quite an experience in Secondlife....many changes. Changes in both Secondlife as well as real life...and yet her sense of whimsy remains. I know her well enough to know that she not only won't mind people coming to look at what she's done... she will enjoy it. The House...
Look at this guy! =^..^=
The ducks are really high class scripting....there's also a feeder you can touch to feed them.
Horse rezzer...follow the directions. Click the saddle, choose "ride", follow on screen instructions and enjoy your ride!
While I think these can "fly" I just wanted to ride...haha, getting the horse to walk up the south beach access ramp took a couple trys. I may leave a SLurl to this later..running out of time this morning. If all else fails just go to the NorthEast corner of mainside...after all, there's a lot to see on the way. Do spend a little time looking at what Katties's in the details!
I've avoided working with any new people that aren't already a part of our family these last few days/week....
While I really miss doing that.. I just thought it wasn't fair to offer help and *mentoring* to brand new people and then not be available for them. There are studies about the first *golden hour* here in Secondlife.... I think we all remember that first hour. I believe that if one survives that first hour...learns how to change clothes, walk, chat, not permanently wear boxes... they stay for a bit. The next hurdle seems to be to find where they fit in...a community...identification. That's something we can offer...and I want to be there. As Ling has said..., "It's what we do". ***
Just previewed this...Andy, you're right...that tree does dominate many of the shots doesn't it?
You know, I get so much from owning Benares...not the least of is getting a personal relationship with many of you. After two years here I don't think I've forgotten any resident that stayed for at least a full month.
Here's a side benefit... that tree. I stopped counting at 100 prims! Yes, It ain't free haha.
I know I will get one more post in before I go...but I'm so out of time today!
And so it goes
I love you all, brinda

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