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Monday, January 18, 2010

It Was Monday...

I found a couple links this morning that I think bear sharing . A little background first. Likely, many of you don't know, but Linden Lab has plans soon to limit the amount of time that scripts take on servers. I am so blessed by having estate managers that are working daily to make sure that, *A*, we won't be caught unprepared when these limits are established... and, *B*. that we control the current scripts so as to provide a great environment for all of our current residents. Please take advice from the managers...they don't have axes to grind...and rest assured, they speak for me. Since I, and I suspect many of you, don't have a good grasp of exactly where *Lag* comes from... perhaps take a read of the links below. *** We do have new people constantly coming to Benares...I know some are just passing through on their way to a Secondlife that speaks to their personal passions. And we also have those that will join our family. I want to personally thank Sophie for opening her house to a couple of those new people last evening. Sophies not the first...Ms Ling has that honor {several times over}...and I suspect neither will be the last. *** You know there's the story that no good deed goes unpunished...I had a guy IM me twice over a couple of weeks telling me that he was interested in land here at Benares. Tomas Aquila speaks only Spanish which isn't a problem for me in a couple of ways: I've a really well done translator... I have Lita, a Peruvian native Hispanic... and I understand a lot more Spanish than I can use conversationally. Tomas came and tryed to run a machismo game on me... pretending to not understand that all land in Secondlife costs tier {he's nearly a year old}..Finally I told him in Spanish that the land would be sold to him just like everyone difference...and the chat was over.{I think he was surprised =^..^=} Lita went about her business and I didn't think much about the deal {or lack of}...till yesterday. I saw a stray prim on a West parcel...upon closer parcel inspection...I saw 70 odd prims that belonged to Tomas...I didn't try and find them...I suspect a skybox. By now I suspect that Tomas has discovered that he's banned from Benares...I think it would be interesting to chat with Tomas real life and find out just how he thinks. *** Honest to god! I've actually had a blog comment referenced by a Linden! And not just any Linden...M linden! He was talking about the new 2.0 viewer and my hope that it wasn't going to be a *dumb down* viewer. We can hope... I've said before, I intend to stay here as long as the lights are on. *** And so it goes My love to all, brinda Namaste

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  1. Seventy odd days later...viewer 2.0 is dumbdown... sorry M.