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Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's my Price...or Yours

Allies got a new construction going... Keeping the passion alive! Lalas...What can I say...I love this lil place... It really fits her well.
Katties NorthEast corner...there is so much going on here...
it's a must see place.

I am so blessed by all lives...I login daily and marvel at what all of you have done.Yes, the basic layout for Benares is *borrowed* {thanks to Zenon & the Arrazura estate}.

The plan to allow access to the water for all and a large public area is mine...but what we've ended up with is ours. Thank you all for doing your part.


I heard something last evening that so speaks to me about the sentiment our place creates for so many. Once again my friend Ling has offered a home for someone new...She's done it before...and will do it again I'm sure. When I thanked her for her generosity and care for integrating a new person into what our kind of Secondlife can be?...all Ling said was simply, "It's what we do".

There's nothing better to add...Thank You my friend. *** It's very easy for all of us to say..."Darn it..I worked for mine! You want things like mine? Then work for them like I did". For me, I've found that if I'm not careful, I can lose something so precious as a friendship or the sight of a brilliantly shining soul over say... ten dollars. We all have a price...everyone of us. Many years ago, Red Gerard...{long since gone to that great loan shark heaven =^..^=} told me something about prices and people. Quoted roughly..."You can't tell me what you will or will not do untill it's 3AM here in my bar...and someone opens a case up on the pool table with ten kilos of one hundred dollar bills in it. Oh, and no ones gonna know. You tell me then what you will or will not do." I believed Red then...and still do. My price for friendship....and my price for anothers dream? It's more than ten dollars. There comes a time for some of us to decide what we choose to be *** And so it goes I love you, brinda Namaste

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