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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Beginnings

Where it all started! Da Boom...the first ever sim. That point I'm sitting on is 0,0,35 Da boom, a 16 meter parcel saved by Linden Lab...{BTW, notice lightning bolts in back ground...more in a few lines} This is the beginning. *** I can't remember all the words to a song from my hippie era...but there was a line about tearing down paradise and putting up a parking lot....And about not missing what one has until it's gone. That can be in spades in Secondlife...the *time compression* thing. One day I find a beautiful creation....a week/month's gone. In these last months I've been trying to document as many sites of "historical interest" in Secondlife as I can locate. I will post some SLurls at the end of this so you can easily visit these if you are curious about this world of ours. *** Kapor Rosedale project...Notice Da Boom in back ground. This parcel is Kapor...the Rosedale parcel is behind me If your not a Secondlife history buff you may not know that one of the biggest early investors of Secondlife was Mitch Kapor...{now you see why it was Kapor Rosedale project}...Phillip rosedale is/was Secondlife...but money was needed. (heh heh...look at the time I took this screen snip!) *** forestrock Flowers (11/14/2003) His dragon, *Spot* is so you walk around turns it's smiling face to you. The sign says don't pet....and you know I just had to! I also just had to sit in it's food dish. =^..^= ***
OK...upper left you're looking across to Da Boom...and top, just right of center?...That's Stellar Sunshines beanstalk...She was our first resident. The beanstalk was the first resident build in Secondlife...done over her first night while our world was in beta... March of 2002.
And you see Spot's turned and looking at me....just hoping I'll pet him!
I would hope to find more of these sites....I've tried to visit some of the sites listed in *The Official Guide to Secondlife* only to find the build was gone...or even that the region no longer existed. If any that read this come across early builds please either let me know...or document it yourself...
The SLurls:
DA Boom...Where all this began
Monsters Sanctuary..{Spots home}
I hope todays post lets you feel much as I do about what we have in Secondlife.
One of our residents was here at the beginning but didn't stay...out of the first four that helped start this community I'm the oldest by a few weeks...and at very close to 1000 days we are just about twice as old here as the next oldest.
If you are new...or feel new when you hear 1000 days...We all get here feeling that way.
You just keep logging in and suddenly just like real're *old* and people think you know something.
The few things I know about this world are that while it isn't reasonable...I never want it to end...and that all of you have made my time and life here so beautiful...Thank you.
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda

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