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Saturday, January 9, 2010

It was Friday...

Photos by 20th Century Fox Films *** Yesterday was a wonderful day....a day of highs, lows, tears, and smiles. Maybe that's called a normal day... :-) Being a little less than normal........... (There are no *normal* people...there are just those we don't know very well =^..^=) It's often difficult for me to figure out exactly how I should feel. *** The movie..."Avatar" ...a must see movie...yes, I could have done with a little less *combat*...but it was part of the story. I sat crying several times...some sad tears...some tears of just understanding. I'm not a movie buff...but this movie affected me deeply...much of the philosophy of the *native* people is a lot of my basic tenets. *** Then, in my day here in world, came Sweetpea and Layna...two new people I've met. One of the greatest gifts I receive in Secondlife is to meet new people that are instantly drawn in to what we have's the same feeling I had when I first logged in...I've asked Sophie if she will help Sweetpea learn a little about building. For me, that's another gift...that this community will stretch out a hand to help new people. *** Benares had a visitor last evening...he was invited... otherwise I seriously thought about estate banning. Actually I was rather proud of one of the managers here for not performing and act that would have launched our visitor many meters in the air (w/o a "push" notice). I seem to be rather easy to fool here in wasn't always that way in rl. It turned out that our visitor (that used to be a resident) was a snake...telling one person one thing...and another something else. And the lies were totally unnecessary I did get a smile when I was told later by a friend that the visitor had accused her of brain washing myself and a manager. I suspect those that know me won't believe that. Hmmm...I wonder why he didn't say hello...or ask me why he was no longer in my friends list. *** I sit here wondering what gifts my worlds will present me with today.... And today I know that whatever those gifts are...I deserve them.... Always remembering .."What the Caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Butterfly calls the beginning of a dream." And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste

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