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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time to Learn...but what?

Our home Island January 2010...This picture taken with "coastal afternoon" Windlight settings. Such a beautiful place...and it's not just because of the scenery. Club Attitude yesterday...
Home to Colton, Steelmoon, and Belize.
Sabres new house out West!
Angels Place...What can one say....her places always have felt like home.
From early this morning, when I took these pictures, and now, I see Club Attitudes changed their place around.
Last evening I saw Allies place shes building something else.
Flors remodeling along with Zarz, Andor, Caro. Just a part of another Secondlife experience, the experience of learning.
Learning building yes...but even more I think...perhaps learning who we really are.
It's a thought...certainly not totally definitive...because I realize a part of my growth here. ***
Tomorrow I'll be able to picture Allies new space I well as the last two parcels I'm covering. {Lalas and Katties}
I'll have pictures of Katties horse the way she has made those rides available to all...I suspect riding the horses across sim borders might be an experience...I'll report in the morning.
On a personal level I seen to be running a little short on time to get everything finished before my trip. I think I've mentioned about how this will be the first time I've stayed away from Secondlife...kind of curious as to how that will feel. Time seems to go so fast here. These last few posts are rather scattered I'm afraid...while I like to pretend ambivalence and total control {=^..^=}... I really am excited about going around the world. India is close to being as far away from my home of the last 30 odd years as one can get. And in many ways India is about as far from my culture as one can get.
I will think of Benares and it's residents as the days melt into one another... I know all of you will be in my heart as I sit at dawn watching the burning Ghats along side the Ganges there at Varanasi... {Benares}.
And so it goes
I do love you all, brinda


  1. horse rides should be ok crossing sims on benears. I hope that all on the island use the rezzer and im me if there are any issues. as of now rides are only avalible to Benears residents. If you have a friend that wants to ride send me an im and i will add them to the rezzer. Love you all at benears
    kattie low

  2. HaHa Yes Kattie....Your horses actually walk on water! {much as some people would have me believe they do =^..^=}