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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Homes...

New home to be of Belize, Steelmoon, & Colton
Andor has returned home
The time thing again...a day here in Secondlife can change ones perspective for the week. Steelmoon contacted us last eve around Five SLT. Ling was on line to handle the details, that's something I'm always so proud of... that Benares usually has staff in world a large percentage of any day. A little later I went and set up a tier box for the newest members of our community...and an hour or so later Poly and I went back to do a little fine tuning. Terraforming a mini isle, moving a few rocks around. Steelmoon was just totally amazed that our service is quick and complete, and that after a year in-world we are the first place she's ever seen that invests so heavily in off parcel terra-scaping to improve the total experience for everyone.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
I mentioned yesterday that Andors always his build will be something to watch. I did chat briefly with Andy and saw he's working with a lot of physical state prims...can't wait to see the completion.
*** Must run real life...this PM I want to post on an art exhibit for Second Ability....if you get a chance go take a look here...Cape Able Art, Cape Able (102,152,22) I promise a SLurl this evening.
For now...
And so it goes
My love to all, brinda

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