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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Gift of Love...

The quote below is from the original's from my friend Bulli Schumanns profile. I don't remember now if the translation is mine or hers. Sometimes we cry because we look in the mirror and see lines that we don't remember seeing before. We find that the clothes we thought we looked so good just last spring.... suddenly don't fit well. The hair everyone complimented us on now is turning gray. The sparkle we once saw in our eyes has dimmed. And then, just sometimes, we get to see the grace with which another carries a burden that we think would crush us..... Suddenly all the things that we see in our mirror are so inconsequential. No one is guarranteed tomorrow..... A man I read a lot, Ram Dass, quotes so many of the Buddhist teachers... "Be Here Now ". To love is such a gift...."To love"... is strictly a human condition For Buddhists, being human is so much closer to what we call Enlightenment... And while as humans, we suffer from "wanting", we truly are on a path to whatever one sees as their particular heaven. I will try so very hard to love.... And treasure each moment here...because those moments will never exist again. And so it goes Love, brinda Namaste... I honour that place where the universe resides in you...and when you are in that place and I am in that place...there is only one of us

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