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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Disparate Talent...Let's try to not screw this up.

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*************************************************************************** Happy New Year!

I want to post a few words today about how Secondlife has changed my life and possibly yours as well. A word ahead of time... I am going to include a couple of names and links to sites that I believe demonstrate some of the technical skills that I find so amazing. And I want to also say ahead of time that these virtual worlds have tens of thousands of people with skills equal to the two or three below. With millions of us on this planet there may likely be some or many that will find fault with the three I chose... keep in mind, in the past I have only spoken to one of these three and I don't intend for this post to be a popularity contest.

I won't include those of you that create art, content, those that write great informative blogs, or those pioneers that came to virtual worlds long before I knew such places existed.... I won't include because let's face it...I have to stop somewhere.

I read somewhere that computing power doubles every eighteen months... and I suspect that as it does the complexity of what we can do also increases. A few years ago it was pointed out to me that the total volume of information in the United States Library of Congress was something like 80 terabytes while the volume of the Secondlife asset servers was in excess of 100 terabytes and growing. I stand on my west homestead and watch Benares main island as I restart that region... it is a fascinating thing to watch as all 15,000 primitive objects return to exactly where they were before. Multiply that by the 30,000 regions in Secondlife... It's mind boggling. Like everyone I find fault with decisions made by Linden Lab and yet the complexity is really beyond my comprehension. As with all sim owners, I fight a constant battle to keep my regions up and running as lag free as I can. Looking through my inventory last evening I came across a notecard I had saved from sometime ago with link to a post by the first of those I'm going to use as examples of just how bright so many of you are, Ann Otoole . Included in her post there was a further link to a post by Gwyneth Llewelyn, when I read these posts I begin to understand just how complex any world is, virtual or not. The last in my short list is Angela Talamasca. Angela has been writing code for 30 years, I suspect that's longer than most of the users of virtual worlds have been alive.

Never in the life of humans on the planet we call earth has it been possible for so many of us with such disparate talents to come together so easily.... we are truly pioneers. It would be great if we didn't screw this up!

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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