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Monday, January 17, 2011

Just crude & rude...

******************************Where we come from**************************** ***************************************************************************
Been thinking about the subject of this blog post since yesterday. I've decided about 3 times to just forget it.... and for all the good this post will do... I likely should. But being old and stubborn...........

I saw a post yesterday on a blog about a cool place to visit and so went. Where isn't important, now I'm always quite concious of who is around and I love to read profiles. Too bad I didn't read Daktari Ducatillon's profile more completely before I saw and commented on his rezz date. As I'm sure most know, those of us that have been around for awhile are becoming fewer and fewer as the years go by, so when I see a rezz date just one day older than mine.........well I just have to say hello. The story now goes downhill from there, first the IM history:


This is what he sent... perhaps I'm a little old fashioned. I wonder if he would address his Mother or grandmother or a stranger at the grocery store with something like this. Those who know me know I dress conservatively and rarely ever say anything that couldn't be said in front of either my elders or a child. I'm so spoiled... of the three male residents of Benares as well as one that's left... I have never ever heard a single out of place word... to me or anyone else.

For what it's worth... "Common courtesy is a very uncommon virtue", said Voltaire.

And so it goes

I do love you all, brinda



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  1. Wow... What an arsehole he is. I'm constantly surprised by how few social skills some folks manage to exist with.