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Monday, January 17, 2011

Blue Mars isn't our future...

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There's a lot of buzz in the blogosphere and on the forums about the reported changes in Blue Mars, it's future, and what if any, impact the decisions made in that world would affect Secondlife and our future.

Before I get too far... it's considered bad form to just re post what others have written as your own so while I will include a couple of links, I think most of you will recognise that some of the material in those links represents positions I've taken in the past.

I joined Blue Mars when it went to open beta and on my first log in I wasn't that impressed. The first thing almost all of us did when we first logged into Secondlife was to start tweaking our avatars and in Blue Mars that tweaking was sadly limited... we all seemed to just be clones wearing different clothes. The Blue Mars world was so finite as well... your exploring was very limited, and the world was often empty, all of those limitations and others are well covered in the links below.

Secondlife has it's share of problems... there's no disputing that, but I continue to be amazed daily at what really makes Secondlife different. For me it is the content as well as the sense of community... I know I seem to find constant fault with those who's major contribution to Secondlife is standing at welcome area/infohubs and chatting, but those people do have a sense of community. Further amazement, I don't believe it's possible to explore all of Secondlife... there just isn't time before the content changes in our nearly thirty thousand regions. Inworldz is as close as any platform has ever come to doing what Secondlife does so well and today Inz is still small enough that the very thing that the oldbies in Secondlife found, that feeling of being a pioneer, of "We're all in this together", is one of the things that drives it so well. (Never mind Inz being a content creators paradise)

All in all what makes any virtual world work is imagination and imagination seems to be a lot more rare than I thought. Just maybe what one of those links says so well is true... that there never will be 0ne hundred million of us. In any world most of us are too busy looking out for number one and I think all of you know my feelings about how that doesn't seem to be a success story in our Secondlife world.

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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